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If the baby was born in the Lion sign (VII. 23. - VIII. 23.)

If the baby was born in the Lion sign (VII. 23. - VIII. 23.)

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Early on, he shows that he has a crush on his will: he likes what happens to what he sees as happening.

However, you can also fight "lioness" if you have to overcome obstacles. It is difficult to bear if you try to limit it directly; in this case, you can express your anger in a rather liberal way, and it only calms down slowly. Of course, it is possible to hire, but sometimes it takes a lot of patience.Energy, the competitive spirit is not lacking. He's willing to show you what he's capable of, and generally not embarrassed if you are at the center of your company. Mostly captivating, entertaining in style, he is self-effected to be noticed. Many find it a charming, lively, attractive person, so it is not difficult to persuade others to work with him or to perform a number of tasks instead.

If the baby was born in the Lion sign

Thanks to these qualities and determination, it can also play a leading role in childhood among the Tarsars; when it comes to malpractice, it is often the umpteenth time. It's just been hard to be angry with her… When she has just achieved what she has set out to do, she also primes her to relax her patents - not to "sting". Enjoying life can mean both fearful idleness and active shutdown. She loves to get the best of everything, but is generously able to share with others what the plant is. For harmonious development, it is paramount that your parents acknowledge the results so that you can support your big plans at home - so you will do everything to make your family proud.Other Baby Horoscopes:
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