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The parents showed the female twins

The parents showed the female twins

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Even in the incubator, there should be no unmarried female twins and the first family photos could be made of them.

Parents show the twins (photo:

The Boda twins were born on November 24 at the University of Debrecen Clinical Center: Jбzmin, Flуra, Boglбrka йs Istvбn. Four twins are good, so much so that you don't even have to be in an incubator. The babies were spontaneously conceived and were born at 34 weeks pregnant with programmed cupping. they were in intensive care for only a day And they are developing so well there is no need for an incubator yet. Now they are looking at one lower-level observer, where we can do more together - the mother told, Boda Bebta.The mom also told me that the first day after the cesarean section was the hardest for her, but now she's fine. However, there is still a great need for advice from clinic staff.- Together with my husband, let's start practicing parenting. We get a lot of help from doctors and nurses, and if they weren't, we could have "run out of the world," the young mother said. Dr. Pуka Rуbert Professor, Clinical Director, led this newborn, and has been a member of the medical team that led the father and father of three twin sisters for 30 years. Birthful, Intuitive Factors, Artificial InseminationThe young couple have not had a child yet;