Voting: So much for the home savings fund

Voting: So much for the home savings fund

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A decision has already been taken on the amended proposal, which was submitted to the Parliament by a Fidesz representative on Monday. According to this, the government does not abolish (!) State support for the housing fund structures.

State support for housing curtains is abolished125 yes and 49 no in the vote on the bill. Voting was disciplined, and within one day, in an extraordinary procedure, he quickly passed the parliament. The amendment of the law will become effective one day after the President of the Republic János Bder signed the law, and it will be published in the Hungarian Bulletin. Contracts concluded so far are subject to state support.

Suddenly, everyone wants to put a contract on a home savings fund

Light-hearted lines began to spark interest in housing, after Erik Bides Bidnik submitted to Parliament on Monday for state support for housing fund structures. The tцrvйnyjavaslat indoklбsa 20 йve mыkцdх lakбstakarйk-konstrukciу бllami tбmogatбsa "does szolgбlja eredmйnyesen the otthonteremtйsi cйlokat, mikцzben the szolgбltatуk realizбlnak the бllami tбmogatбs rйszйn an extra profit" - use the idйn as Index.A tцrvйny tцbb than 70 forints milliбrd rъghat you have already цsszesen the level of government support for homeowners, while in 2010, the homeowners' money service has realized "an extra profit of $ 60 billion." According to the justification, the CSOK serves the government's goals better in the area of ​​housing support, perhaps the government wants everyone to think about some CSOK construction in the future. Other ways that Antal Rogan is "living" or trying to divert people to the Home there will be a lot of value in concluding, since the 30 percent that the state has added to your home savings so far is lost. Anyone who already has an existing contract can only extend the savings period (from 4 to 10 years) by changing the proposal so that the extended period does not extend beyond the state.
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