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There are 10 important rules when spending a holiday with a newborn

There are 10 important rules when spending a holiday with a newborn

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We only have a few weeks until the holidays, when we can spend the rest of the day with family and friends. If a baby comes into the family just before the holidays, it can be a little more stressful for this frightful time.

10 important rules for spending a holiday with a newborn (Fotу: iStock) If a new little member of the family will be with us during the holidays, just now It's a good time to be prepared for a few rules that we don't adhere to to make everyone's mind less cloudy.

Wash your hands

The holidays are in the middle of the cold and flu season, and the newborns are particularly sensitive to the disease, especially if they have not received all their vaccines. The stress level of new parents can be significantly reduced if we always wash our hands without asking, before we pick up the baby. And if we get sick, it is really important to stay at home: for a baby, it can be life-threatening if we get infected.

Do not kiss the baby

Pediatricians also often recommend that new parents should not allow their baby to kiss their baby, because it is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the disease. Parents often describe themselves as hesitant and do not dare to ask relatives not to kiss the baby ## 8211 ## so when they say they are calm, we will not kiss the little one.

Let us respect the need for sleep

Of course, holidays are the most comfortable when you do not have to adjust to all schedules and schedules, but this may not be possible for fresh parents. If you miss a nap or if your bedtime shifts by 20 minutes, it can cause damage to your baby's sleep, and parents will be able to rest less than usual. Instead of asking the parents to just relax once in their rules, we encourage them to help ensure that everything is done routinely. Now we are sure to have a family cheat!

Do not comment on feeding the baby

Whether or not a mother feeds her child is entirely a personal decision. What we can do is hope that you make the best possible decision for your child and will not be overwhelmed by comments or tips. "Why aren't you breastfeeding?", "Are you sure your milk is enough?" inquiries have no place in the festive circle, instead, "where would be most comfortable for you to feed the baby?" opciу recommended.

Don't be overwhelmed by last-minute changes

Babies and things are going hand-in-hand. Feeding, diapering crises, bloating, shyness, and "we just got there, we just had to go back because we left something at home," , maybe both. This is not to disparage the host, but because they are affected by countless stress in the beginning. Instead of being angry, let us try to be more understanding of us.

Let's be careful about your offer

Buying a baby can be a very exciting thing, but it is worth thinking that what we think is good for the baby may not be the same for parents, or just not necessarily for the baby. We can be sure and ask the parents what the baby needs, or we can give them a gift card. If you are buying clothes, let's buy a bigger size so that the little one can grow into it. But it might be worth choosing to not only surprise the little one, but to make parents and their daily lives more enjoyable.

Don't tell your mom what to eat

When a mother is breastfeeding, many people like to give her unfettered advice on what to eat and what to watch out for. Instead of making that mistake, let's just let the mom enjoy the meal and not tell her what to take on her pal.

Let everyone spend time with the little one

It is understandable that we want to spend every minute of our life with the perfect baby, but remember that there are countless relatives besides us that have similar views. So that it is not the mother who has to decide who comes along, let's consider ourselves, and respect that they also want to be small.

Let's give the mother and baby space

If your mother retires with the baby for a while, we do not want to check every minute to make sure she is isolated from the rest of her brother. The baby can get a little overwhelmed by the big bustle, and it is better for her to draw her a little. Let us be lenient with this and support our mom when they return to our lives.

Let the memories be beautiful

No one wants to eat cold meals alone at Christmas when others are out for dinner or to return to their room without opening all their presents. But if you just have to go breastfeeding, mommy diapers, you can easily get away from them. Let's make sure he is in our circle and be a little more lenient with this year - if the sits are not placed at 18 o'clock but only at 18 o'clock at 20 minutes, the world will not stop (VIA).Related links: