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Put on your running shoes! Breastfeeding is not an obstacle!

Put on your running shoes! Breastfeeding is not an obstacle!

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There's only one week left until one of the biggest race events of the year. If you haven't already, you can do so for a couple of days. Would miss it!

Do you still remember the spring Vivicitt, where we were running in a maternity-baby room? Don't miss the next race! Your place on the Nike Fourth Marathon on September 4, 2011 in Budapest! Not only can you run a solo marathon of 21,097.5 meters, but you can also run in pairs where you can share the same distance in 13.9-7.2 kilometers with your buddy or friend. If you're still not into running, it's time to give it a taste: we've invented the Nike Parkland with its 3.5-kilometer span, and you can even ride a stroller! I would like to miss it, because it is more of a race than a race, with a wonderful atmosphere, thousands of women, men and children running together.
Here in the baby room, we have gathered all the essential info for the beginner.
If you still don't know why you're running, click here.
For example, in the Running Jubilee Year 2010, for example, six thousand and one hundred were completed for the Marathon, and more than three thousand and five hundred for smaller missions. "Here's the whole country," and in fact, participants came from all counties, and even from 52 continents. If you are breastfeeding, take care of only two things: a good, not too tight sports bra and thoroughly emptying your baby before you leave. In addition to running, racing has also developed into a serious tourist program, as it is a great combination of a little city exploration and relaxation. Or would you rather run on the Great Wall of China? That's not impossible either! Find out more about the Budapest race here!