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Toothpicks with umbrellas

Toothpicks with umbrellas

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From the first breaststroke, we begin the care, since during the breastfeeding period, the muscular work done on the breast, is an effective stimulus for the harmonious development of the bones, the muscles of the muscles and the teeth.

Healthy lifestyle leads to healthy teeth

A good breastfeeding baby do not poke, because it does not require (sugar) fluid reflux. In the case of mixed nutrition, fertilization is done with a small spoon, but it is forbidden for the mother to lick it, because she does not have the adult bacterial flora in her mouth until the age of 2-3. If we are in need of nutritional supplementation, teach the baby to drink from a glass.

Talk a lot

At first, the lower two incisors are many times before the age of six months. The little herd thinks the pain he has with wet steam twisted on our fingers we can massage it, and the operation also has a purifying role. In this case, cooled buds are useful.1-1.5 years of age, parallel to the appearance of the canines, add more and forget about the "service", sweet drink. Because the milk teeth serve as a basic, placeholder for jaw formation, the risk of losing milky tooth may be that remaining teeth grow out of orderwhich influences your gaze, your speech, and the need to adjust your teeth in the first place. We can make a lot of peas from a book, reduced fluoride-containing children's toothpaste to the soft, small-headed, well-gripped toothbrush. Fruit water helps to promote regular brushing and does not irritate the sensitive duodenal membrane. It is a parent's job to clean tiny teeth until high school, but it is better to be present at the "procedure".

Brush your teeth!

The first meeting with the dentist it happens when the little one still has no complaints, so you can get a good impression of the shop. Later on, check back every six months. Fresh seedlings get decaying, chocolate-eating, which naturally results in tooth brushing. Overnight breastfeeding at the age of one year is also harmful because of the high sugar content of breast milk.


We also expect toothpicks, at least give the baby three years to let you suck on the sweet. It is advantageous that bacteria from these toothpicks are unable to form acid and so the enamel is not damaged. They are harmless to health, only consuming large amounts can cause mild diarrhea.How to recognize toothpicks? There is a registered emblem on the packaging: toothpicks with umbrellas. It also protects against caries fluorpуtlбs (tablets, salt, water), however, this should always be personalized, as well-nourished families (consuming a lot of fish, little food) and having good oral hygiene do not need it.