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That's how intelligence develops

That's how intelligence develops

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She is already gaining experience in her womb so that she can graduate after twenty years. Let's see the first year!

That's how intelligence develops

It's hard to believe, but the baby's brain doubles in a year. The number of nerve cells is also increasing, but perhaps more importantly, the intercellular network is developing significantly. The more connections that are made between brain cells, the smarter the baby is. The more senses you receive, the more sensations you receive, the more complete this network is. This was not a shortage of puppies in their lifetime, as they were in the thick of life in rain, sunshine, work and fun. Let's see how you can help today. All the senses in the Newborn are working fine, but they can't tell what's important and what's not. We are capable of doing this and exclude what is of no interest. Are you constantly aware that you have clothes on? No, because you're used to it. However, touching the diaper is also new. There's a lot of stimuli going on, it's really crippling, so he's sleeping quite a lotto give you time to process the results. You can fall asleep under almost any condition. In the first few months, the picture slowly clears, important stimuli stand out, and you can follow what you see for yourself with your eyes and head. Have you noticed that you look into your eyes all the time and smile back?
How do you help?
- The whole baby is a great sense organ. Baby Massage takes advantage of this opportunity. By caressing, by massaging it, you tell him I love you. And, in the process, you get the stimulus you need to progress.

I remember it!

Three is a day old baby expresses its happiness when you appear in the feastfield. Of course, all you have to do is remember that you are really good to be with you.
She's deliberately calling her attention because she wants to entertain her with something. Because he can't go out on his own to do interesting things, he persuades people who show interest to him.
The tool of seduction is sometimes flush, sometimes gurgling, giggling, giggling. This way, he almost sticks to his "teachers". Staying alone is not that much of a problem as you always have your hands and feet on the table, which you can smell and taste. Lovely slowly realizing, the world works like "if, then". If I bite my toe, dude. If I say prrrrr, it will be a clean arrow.
How do you help?
- If you "hvv" then go there and you will find that communication makes sense.
- If possible, have your baby close by, live the rhythm of everyday life with you. It is not only the Cilivian games that can give you enough stimulus. The personality of the dress, the scent of the dress, and the cavaliers of buying, are all interesting, and they learn something from everything. Because you are able to grab and release objects intentionally, then lift up, and then move around, it is tiring to discover how you behave. When he throws the spoon out of the feeding chair for the twentieth time, he does not get angry, but learns what his voice is like when he hits the ground. When he casts his toys against the balcony, he becomes acquainted with gravity, and also carries out psychological experiments: examines how mom reacts to these actions. I'm not suggesting that this is a gracious era, but maybe if you know that it serves high-order purposes and not your annoyance, you may find it easier.
How do you help?
- At this age, you have reinforcement plays an important role in learning. Praise what you do not, and express it: say that you are not free, and your expression should reflect your senses. In spite of knowing that it is one of your experiments to bite into you, you can't afford it!

Here's the baby, where's the baby?

Photo: Eltern

Towards the age of one, he learns that the objects are the same, even if he is just seeing them at a different angle or not seeing them at all. If you cover your favorite teddy bear with a cloth, at the age of five you simply pretend to be a teddy bear but start looking around at the age of nine months, and you know for sure that underneath the canvas is really exciting! Now you can think about things that are not present. In addition, in the last few months, he has become so small that he can pack in his box, put the rollers on the Montessori tower, and even slowly sort the colors and shapes.How do you help?
- Play bathing games while bathing, you can bury your toe in the warm sand.
- When you feed, allow yourself to contribute to the food, so that you can experience the mean and the hymen with your hands and mouth.

This is very funny!

The one-year-old has a sense of humor. He laughs when he is "almost" scared, when funny pictures are taken, when sound is made. What you can recognize from a picture book is that you can identify it alive: the dog is both a dog and a dog in the garden. It uses spoken words to identify a number of interesting things. Great observer of what he can, imitate. Finally, he is persistent in dealing with certain games, or not at all, so he is now very suspicious of a child playing long and quiet in a distant room - perhaps the rest of the field is filled with dust.
How do you help?
- Create a safe environment where you can roam freely. Get rid of the fearful or dangerous items, but leave them interesting and will not harm them or the environment.
- Although he still doesn't speak, you can tell him the important properties of objects in his environment, what color he is and what he is. At this age, only your brain absorbs information.

Is there a problem?

If your baby is not paying attention, is not interested, or is falling back on his or her advanced stage of development, it is worth visiting a neurology or developmental teacher!


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