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Twins? Not so much the same!

Twins? Not so much the same!

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You start comparing them in the womb. Then comes growth, movement, speech. Slowly realize that the two of them are really two worlds apart.

You lie in the ultrasound exam and you hear your doctor dictate the size of the "A" and then the "B" fetus. You look at the printed pictures, and you may be scared that many numbers are not the same, one of them is one millimeter smaller. You consider one to be more agile and the other to be more lazy. It is relatively rare for twins to see the light of the day with exactly the same weight;

What did you do?

You shuffle labels on the little ones, and you naturally pay more attention to the weaker, the smaller. One is grumpy, lean, stomachy, smiling, the other is serious. If you have a bigger kid at home, you may want to remember when he grew his first tooth, when he turned to his stomach, when he started talking, and you're worried if you miss your twin. Even if you miss a stage at once. However, as brothers and sisters, it is natural for women to grow, develop, and develop, and it is not uncommon for twins to start or speak a couple of months apart. According to the literature, the same twins generally reach the same level of development at the same time, but one of the twins may soon catch on, and the other will bring in the lag soon.



- Nowadays you can hear everywhere the great role that movement plays in the development of the nervous system. Movement is the first language a baby communicates. It helps you discover the environment, and takes into account itself. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the baby's movement at a young age - he says Czydul Carolina gyуgypedagуgus. - But not only that can be a problem. Many parents talk to parents who are proud to say how fast their baby has stood up, and have not even thought. This can be just as difficult, as the brain needs all the steps to access the various areas to develop properly. Every child has its own particular rhythm of development. The twins, in any case, want to mimic each other, want to emulate the others, and they have a healthy competitive spirit, which encourages a more distant twin to reach the level where "the body is". According to twin studies, it is primarily the genetic factors that determine where little one is in development, that is, the environment is not responsible if the neighbor's child travels for a while, just like us.

When to contact a specialist?

According to our expert, if we lose any strangeness in our child's movement (for example, it is half-hearted, it feels good on the tip of your head), and if you also feel good. If the twins have a history of difference, if one does not respond to external stimuli, a smile, or any other social stimulus, he or she will Developer Center.
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