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In August, the September Family Arrivals will arrive

In August, the September Family Arrivals will arrive

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At the end of August, the families received family support due in September due to the start of school.

Family Letters in September End of AugustEligibility recipients also have access to family allowances, child care and parenting support to: make it easier for them to start school Emmi said. In the case of postal delivery, if the addressee is not at home, you will be notified where and when support can be received. The measure is about 1.2 million family members in HungaryAccording to Emmi, the government will provide textbooks free of charge for all students in the September 1-9 class, in addition to the advanced reference. courses, even in grades 10-12. Textbooks can be requested for free in the case of social deprivation or family history. They reminded me that from the 2020-2021 curriculum, free textbook enrollment covers all courses. The families asked in the RTL report 10-20 thousand HUF per child spend on school supplies. Purchase dumping is expected after August 20.