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Strange Symptoms After Birth - Where Can I Go?

Strange Symptoms After Birth - Where Can I Go?

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Even during pregnancy, you may experience many different types of "weirdness" which may be followed by additional unusual symptoms after childbirth. Your most common complaint, however surprising you may be, is that of a gymnast.

Strange Symptoms After Birth - Where Can I Go?

Are you too cold? Go to a gym!

The best thing you can do with your body during postpartum regeneration is to visit a physiotherapist. "It is possible that someone is completely free of complaints after childbirth, but even afterwards it often turns out that although there was a problem, only a complaint did not occur at all. healing gymnastics, pelvic floor musculoskeletal specialist, ambulance hygiene specialist. This is the biggest complaint of this kind Muscle and / or seminal origin, which is relieved through a gymnastics and specialty therapy such as manual therapy, fascia treatment, physio-tape, electrostimulation.

Locomotor and visceral complaints

The majority of moms meet for something well defined with locomotor complaints, at least for sure after birth. This may be neck or back pain, such as breastfeeding, waist pain, bending, or an arrow on the buttocks, or regular pain due to the so-called circumferential muscle (piriformis). It is easy to recognize these complaints as being within the competence of a physiotherapist and can be dealt with by any physiotherapist. Common symptoms that require the assistance of a specialist are urine drip, drip, and urinary problems, as well as sore throat problems. With these symptoms, it is especially worth visiting a specialist in pelvic floor muscles. kцvetkezmйnyekkel jбrnak, ugyanнgy muscles йrintх beavatkozбsok to cause mыkцdйszavart "- explains Rigуnй Spring Little Red Riding Hood." If the hьvelyi was szьlйs gбtmetszйssel often konkrйt tьnet nйlkьl also megvбltozik muscles would mыkцdйse Tehбt szerencsйs the gбtmetszйsen, gбtrepedйsen szыrni бtesett йdesanyбkat, funkcionбlisan what. Many people realize that there is a problem with lifting a baby stroller and a baby around the age for long months after childbirth organs) or begin intensive training without proper regeneration (because you think they are already well, and they experience urine drip during running, for example). Ezeknйl the eseteknйl йrdemes цsszekцtni the korбbbi szьlйssel йs visit a medencefenйk-specialistбt "Csбszбrmetszйs esetйn the mыtйti scar or posts by these people йrintett terьlet igйnyel kezelйst Elхfordulhatnak because цsszenцvйsek the abdominal feltбrбs kцvetkeztйben." The complaint -. Highlights a specialist in csбszбrmыtцtt йdesanyбk йrintettsйgйt too.

Let's not forget the souls!

The moment you find yourself hurting at a person who is a bit like a (defending) roughly-trained physician, or unable to enter the hospital where you are born, maybe you are not here, think about asking for help. There are signs of birth and birth like this childbirth trauma. Unfortunately, a lot of moms are traumatized during their interactions with the baby, the baby class or the baby class. In the most vulnerable period, they are suffering from mental illness they can leave a mark. Before we think of just the lack of support, the guilty people, the often unacceptable hospital conditions, or the separation practice (separation of mother and child). in which you have to be wrong. It is common for a mother to be unable to cry for others, and her throat gets stuck when she meets a happy mother - that is a symptom. The mother of the vagina is born to everyone who has given birth to her child through cesarean section, the mother of the groom is intended to be the natural mother and mother of the baby. These spiritual blocks Even a trainee can hurt without a trauma: physical complaints over a long period of time also cause problems in the mental plane that need to be dealt with.Related articles after the birth:
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