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Young football betting, football fans, attention! (X)

Young football betting, football fans, attention! (X)

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Young football betting, football fans, attention! (X)

The Cartoon Network Football Academy will be re-launched on May 16th! Fjdnj: Mid summer coach with Luiz Gustavo, a Brazilian football blogger.

This summer, the whole world is watching Brazil, where at the football event of the year the best footballers in the world gather together. It's no wonder that thousands of kids are dreaming of an international football career that will once again make their skin shine with their current exemplars. At Cartoon Network Football Academy, you can buy it for anything. The third year of soccer-enthusiastic kids can ring in their lives to determine their footballing lives by training with one of the most popular footballers in the world, this time with Brazilian coach Luiz Gustavo.

Luiz Gustavo

Cartoon Network Football Enthusiasts can upload their best soccer tricks to Cartoon Network. From the uploaded videos, the public will select the top 20, and then the professional jury of Kępest Sport Magazine will decide who will be able to travel to a foreign country this year with a personalized, tailor-made training session with Lu. The trainer made a movie for the trainer, which he then dropped. The young Brazilian - here or there - is excited to meet the winners of European countries: "When I saw last year's campaign with Lukas Podoski, I liked it very much. I am sure we will learn a lot and also that I will learn a lot from the kids. "

Real life achievements and impressive wins

In addition to the fjord, there are plenty of valuable prizes to be won: the top ten player wins the honorary title of CN Football Academy and a great Brazilian football gift package on In addition, the channel offers the best fan videos and submissions on the website kvnzjбtйk winners will also be rewarded with a package of gifts.

How to apply

Candidates for the Cartoon Network Football Academy can upload their soccer videos from May 16th to June 23rd at New elements have been added to the competition this year: not only can football-loving kids impress their jury with their best soccer tricks, but they can also shine on their theoretical knowledge and enthusiasm: who knows everything about football, website in knowledge quizzesand passionate fans of fans can call videos with fans "biggest fan" cнmйrt.
Sports and cartoon enthusiasts can also see their favorite Cartoon Network heroes on the sports field: the World Championship will feature a daily series of "Sports" episodes of the most popular shows from June 6th to June 6th Cartoon Network RangasUra cnmm, every day at 6:30 and 18:10. The series will include Gumball's Wonderful World, Angelo Rulez, Ben 10, the Wizards of the Hibbant Island, and the Cartoon Network Soccer Academy, which offers the best of football. The highly successful Inazuma will return to the channel live on June 6th.

Introducing last year's winner, Stephen!

Last year, Stephen Tуth, a 15-year-old and other European winner of the football cup, met Lukas Podolski, an Arsenal player in London. Stephen's video captivated the Hungarian jury, thought it through and compiled what he wanted to present. Pisti, despite taking his game seriously, enjoyed the deeds and the crafts. His tricks were perfectly executed and showed the jury a lot of technology. According to his father, the time spent at the academy was unforgettable. Pisti wants to be a professional soccer player, so she devotes all her free time to coaching and perfecting her knowledge. A meeting with Podolski gave him a new impetus to pursue his goal with even greater determination.

Come on in and make an appointment on May 25th at the Railroad Park!

The Cartoon Network Soccer Academy's home opener will be Sunday, May 25th, at Children's Day at the Railway Station Park, where all visitors will experience the original Brazilian football atmosphere. Enthusiastic entrants are educated all day by the Kirbor Garb International School of Goalkeepers on the best soccer acts, can participate in the decal championship, sand soccer championship and the organizers make their soccer videos. For those who want to spend a pleasant day in the park, garden iron on a balustrade with a steamer or a scythe can travel. Along with the locomotive, you will find vigorous power games, craftsmanship and the Chocolate Workshop.

Luiz Gustavorуl

Luiz Gustavo Dias (July 23, 1987), a Brazilian football player. In August 2013, the German VfL Wolfsburg Center. In 2011, Gustav was joined by Captain Mano Menezes in the Brazilian team, first in a friendly match against Germany in the 86th minute. In 2013, the FIFA Confederations Cup was played on all brands. The tournament was won by the Brazilian team 3-0 against Spain.


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