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Celebrities share their results at the birth conference

Celebrities share their results at the birth conference

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14-16. In between, the Annual Pupil's Conference was hosted by the Department of Parenting of the Pest of South-Pest. Gabriella Jakupcsek, and Szilard Szabgi (with kindly Szilvi Soo) also shared their experiences with the mothers who chose the South Pest.

Gabriella Jakupcsek also shared her experiences

In the past period, especially in the summer of 2014, many changes took place in the activity of littermates. 2014 jъlius elsejйtхl jogszabбly нrja elх that szьlйsznхk hivatбsukat kibхvьlt kompetenciбjuknak megfelelхen gyakorolhatjбk, йs by the patolуgiamentes szьlйsek vezetйse vйgezhetnek.Az цnбllу tevйkenysйggel, gondolkozбsmenettel szцvхdmйnymentes terhesgondozбst also pбrhuzamosan megnх the felelхssйg, нgy many great task elй nйznek, szбmos kйrdйs merьl up. In the XXIII. These were held in the center of the National Parsons Conference, where they sought answers to a number of topical issues and discussed important questions and issues. Within the framework of the scientific program, several domestic well-known professionals gave lectures, but it was also an explicit goal to share more professional experience and knowledge with everyone, thus helping the professional growth of the profession and the highest level of professional activity. In addition, a separate section was provided by the organizers for those who wanted to poster at the conference.
On Thursday, the program started with a good conversation with parents (Gabriella Jakupcsek and sweetheart Szilvia Sous), who chose the South-Pest, and shared their thoughts and memories.

Szilardi Szabgi also told about his situation

On Friday, the Honorary Mother's Award was also given in honor of the ceremonial opening ceremony given by Julianna Csetneki, President of the Szabolcs Session of the Hungarian Association of Poles. The distinguished titles are prof. dr. Бcs Nбndor, in II. He received the title of Director of the Department of Birth and Patronage, as well as Бgnes Csordás, President of the Hungarian Association of Veterinarians.