Do not neglect breastfeeding during the holidays

Do not neglect breastfeeding during the holidays

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It's a busy time for the ive! All Saints, the Day of the Dead, Santa Claus, Christmas, New Year and other traditional or religious celebrations of the winter festivities ... Before us all, there are many events, and immensely many things to do.

It's not easy to end up on all of our lists: a to-do list, a to-do list, and an infinite list of other things to do. What's on the list? Of course, to feed your baby!
It is not that difficult to forget about the demands of a tiny baby if you do not arrogate to be noticed. They still seem to be separation during the holidays or during the holiday break when a baby or toddler stops breastfeeding because the holiday or vacation is busy and the days are completely different from their usual routine.

Don't forget to breast-feed your baby during the fun celebration

There are some relaxed kids who are completely delighted if they are carried by their mother and they look and smile at the people around them. Sometimes it's quite easy to forget to arrull these the little people that were sold should also be fed - if the mother does not remind her, or her stuffed breasts are not remembered.
Of course, if a baby spends less time in the sun during the day, it may happen that she has to feed in at night, which is missing from the rush. These are beautiful moments: at last, in the night, connect with your child without interruption. Finally, we will be able to feel our borders, and we will slow down in the daytime when our strength runs out.

Suckling: A great way to relax

From this point of view, the breastfeeding relationship with our baby and toddler is not only a useful way to incorporate breastfeeding breaks into our day, it is also something that makes our life greener. Creating to meet your baby's needs also means slowing down your life enough to keep up with your little pace.
They shouldn't spend too long on bulk shopping or gift wrapping to avoid switching back to a gear, pausing to look for a comfortable chair, or just closing our eyes for a minute. The baby doesn't have a parenting list of things to do - or if it is, it's pretty simple:
1st: Eat. 2nd: Sleep. 3rd: Eat. 4: Kakilni. 5: Eat. 6: Talk to Mom.
They're not worried about whether or not Emma Nina will like the pullover we bought for her, or whether her relatives will kiss her on Christmas morning. They have very simple needs, and on busy, busy days, it is far more a burden than a burden to meet these simple needs.
Alright, do everyone have a drink? Sorry, I have to feed the baby!
Am I taking a gift for the grandchildren? I'm really sorry, but I have to breastfeed my baby.
Do you want to filter through? Oh, baby is so hungry!
Even if you are not retired from breastfeeding, when you are full of home life, and life can be a quiet task, baby is about to disappear for a while. You lie in the trap, your baby is cuddling in your arms, and you hear the yelling outside as the noises get in the way ... the bigger kids play or just squeal over who comes next; the adults talk enthusiastically and then laugh; glasses and bowls crumble; steam and warm air from the kitchen as the teeth are made.
Between the baby and you, you have a safe and comfortable rest in your little tubs, just two, trying to get you to the top of each other's to-do list.
You can read about the most common breastfeeding problems during the holidays here!
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