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First of all, we expect it to grow, and if it is spherical, we will be proud of it in the world. We would do everything a couple of months later to make sure no trace remains. The size and shape of our abdomen before and after childbirth equally employs all mothers.

During pregnancy our body is constantly changing, but we have the most striking transformation in our abdomen. The growth of the bee will exacerbate abdominal muscles and skin. We can influence the state of our muscles to avoid complications - but weakness in the second half is a creature, so we can lessen the relief that comes with it. we are responsible for the condition of our abdominal muscles: Weaknesses are learning about mobility problems, and they can only be strengthened by regular training and specific exercises so that they can cope adequately with extreme stress during exercise. Straight abdominal muscles are normally close together, not more than 0.5 to 1 cm apart. THE with an increase in abdominal volume, the muscles collapseand the abdominal wall is lowered. When the stomach recovers after birth, these straight muscles are not close to each other, with the result that the abdomen in the middle of the abdomen remains anchored between the muscles and develops a bulge. The risk of this undesirable condition can be reduced by strengthening the abdominal muscles.

During pregnancy, our body is constantly changing, and we experience the most striking changes in our abdomen, but we are responsible for the condition of our abdominal muscles

Is it flexible enough?

THE growing tummy big job rу skin And also for the fall season below: their sag depends largely on how much we gain over the nine months. Unnecessarily deposited fat pads tend to exfoliate the skin, which can lead to the development of pregnancy lumps, and after birth, it is almost normal for the open skin to lose weight. skin should adapt quickly after birth to change, but sometimes you are unable to do so. You know that the lower your weight during pregnancy, the easier it will be to regain your original condition. But the subcutaneous ligament cannot be influenced by a sagging gym - unless you are not forced to exercise, but that is not always the case. development of pregnancy hips And the sagging abdomen is primarily a matter of concern and medical experience that a woman's fire can not escape the slightest discomfort with all due care. Smaller postpartum births generally have no major problems. The changed figure can be removed with motherhood, and especially with exercise and diet. If, on the other hand, it is not only a minor defect of the face, and after the removal of the excess weight, the belly remains, it can even cause serious mental distress.
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