5-6 yrsAbout high school

5-6 yrsAbout high school

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Now, let's just be amazed at how much a year in children's development means!

Large group boys confidently take possession of the group room, and girls, like so many small housewives, are organized and terrified. There is no trace of last year's pursuit of motherhood.

Physical development, movement

Diverse power
Most of the year, even with a rounded tummy, a cushioned hand-foot and a vigorous baby-physicality, it is improving the environment. However, a few little babies will be losing weight at this age, the biggest distress for parents: how small can this puppy be! There is no cause for concern: children start to "get into" school, their ratios are gradually changing. The size of the head on the dorsal tube, and the face widens due to the captivity. Move to become much more liberated. The place of the once attractive hips is good for its load-bearing capacity. muscles take bt. The zipper is almost completely in control of the movement. If you allowed him the power in your early years, and you were not too afraid of accidents, you will now have a lot of experience. without cycling. You can run down the stairs right down, jump in a couple of feet, and you may hit the foam ball back. (We will only know this if we have as much patience as a serving machine.) If they are bigger than them, it is not easy to get out of ice skating. Business is not for the dead: it is just a matter of practice for these forms of movement to succeed. The same goes for general education, which is about to be owned - and not sooner - as well. Your hand is getting smoother: smaller he also wears beads on a suitable cord, and makes the shoe work. Megfelelх he can finish it off. She loves to draw, to paint, and less and less to "go out of the line". Not only can a more sophisticated doodle scare, but it harasses an adult until he or she is taught a few valid letters. Many children can write down their own names before school. First, one recognizes the letters one by one, reading is a later development.


Right over the rules
High school is recognizing and using more and more rules day by day. It can classify objects and even count them in numbers - if there is anything. It counts ten discs without problems, it can be lost if you want it, but if you put the disks in your pocket, it usually won't cost you much in the head. No problem, as there is a terribly long year before school starts. Most people enjoy counting, doing well with dice, and being able to jump as much as they do on social games. However, he still does not consider the rules of the game to be inviolable, especially if his own victory is the goal he is aiming for. Getting to know the hours of the day is not a problem, the show urn is also full of interest, but only a great deal. Almost absorbing information, we can count on more and more requests for which we do not know the answer ourselves. There was no reason to get a child flexion: parents, kids can learn a lot. language turns useful - especially when the adults in the environment speak differently and the evening tale is regular and demanding. He learns a few details about himself: he can tell his name, his place of residence, and he is uncertain in his life.

Social Relationships

Friendly, and again friendlyBig Enlightenment has countless friends. Even deeper relationships can be formed, but it is not uncommon to have a smaller composition and end the friendship in two minutes. Of course, it will take the same amount of time for the mate to recover. Relationships between children are becoming more and more important, and joint status is a priority. The high schoolers specifically require one another, the group develops traditions, "continuing" games, they can't be played with anyone but the groupmates. At this age, matching ability Even one thing: a child will be very sad to see and try to comfort and console someone. You can tell if you made a mistake. It is not uncommon for tensions in the family to protect oneself because of serious problems. You are responsible for certain things with the shoulder (plants, animals), but you still need the support of an adult.

I'm surprised how much a year means to children in their development

Jellemzх !!!

The screen is more attractive
Father is part of our lives today. We can count it from our home, but maybe it's better to learn to sin with it. Children should also learn from their parents about the passive habits. If there is only one person in the family who regularly shuffles in front of the screen to find "something", he or she will use the father as a boredom and turn on it before you think about it for a minute. It can be a good thing for life. There are programs that help us understand the world and even our own senses. The parent's job is to make a good choice from the supply side and possibly bring the child together with the child to discuss what they have seen. There are channels where mostly harmless programs are broadcast, but they also need to be checked. Many filmmakers think that they are all pretty and good, though much of the offer is in the nature of an action film, which is of course aggressive, tragic enhances aggressionand is indifferent to violence. The "trendy" world presented in the future raises values ​​in the other world that often do not match our own, which is why we may be confused with our children. Ninety percent of the ovis would like to have their parents advertise the games advertised in the future. Mostly three-year-olds can be influenced: they have no idea that advertising and cartoon are different, they accept that, and that is part of the truth. Nagyjбbуl nyolcйves utбn at the start kйtelkedni reklбmok hitelessйgйben, of course, only if the kцrnyezetьkben йlх felnхttek not hagyjбk szу nйlkьl the tйvйbхl бradу butasбgot.Ha can not egyьtt tйvйzni, szerezzьnk nйhбny in the sajбt mйrcйnknek йs children йletkorбnak megfelelх video film, they inkбbb look again and again the little one. We can occasionally swap with other families. And in the summer, let's get to the corner: we're missing out on good times. Direction of the garden, the park, the friendship. Many people think that the child is unable to break away from the screen. But enough, once it breaks down: after a day's waking up, everyone will find their place in the world without a father.

Happy birthday!

In high school, you are ready for school. You'll be happy to receive one or two items that prove that you are actually only one haircut away from your diet. Wall-mounted or wall-mounted whiteboards with chalk, magnetic letters and numbers, blank notebooks with a mailbox, pen-like multi-colored pen pens - they'll do it for you, before you do. By no means should he be pre-schooled. Find fun in the play school with big brothers and sisters, kids nearby.Related articles:
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