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You don't know me, don't come! A mother's sincere confession

You don't know me, don't come! A mother's sincere confession

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Now the glass is full. Too many moms - obviously most of them strangers, though they know everything better - now probably realize how much they don't know about my life.

Dear Stranger, who used to make you think so much while my little boy was just making a scene in the shop ... just to note I saw your coming look. I wouldn't buy myself a floor plan. Meanwhile, I meant that I usually turn my gaze and run away from the scene as fast as I can ... But now I don't. I'll tell you what I think.

Seriously! Is that how you live?

Do you live by the way my children behave in public? Hmm, you shouldn't. How do you know what kind of mother I am at home, or the other 1430 minutes of the day? When that ominous case happened, I thought I was probably a disorganized woman. To be honest, I felt that way. My shopping cart was full of thousands of things while my son's half-eaten hamburger was there. (Of course I know, and she doesn't take her child anywhere.) Well yeah ... I looked like a solid mother.Believe me, I know your hysterics were confused (believe me, I know how fucked up your dick is). But he's just a kid, don't expect him to behave as an adult! He doesn't do it directly. It expresses that the world is not round. All he can do is be frightened by the fact that he left home just after thirsty, crazy mom didn't let him take home the most glamorous, purple racing car he'd ever seen. (I mean, he has three in his home.) He doesn't know how to deal with arousal, emotions. But that's really normal. You don't have to be aware of that. I take a big breath and I still love it. If you believe in a colonel, you will.

I didn't hide it

Dear Alien, the thing is, I will not quit society for the next six years as my son's brain and nervous system evolve to behave in a "socially expected way" in a shop. If they did, they would never learn how to behave. You need to see more of the world, to see situations, patterns, roles. Well, sorry, but for a couple of years we're a little annoyed about snoring. And you know what? It doesn't bother me that she behaves in public. Meglepх? May. Does it make my life a thousand times harder? For sure. But I want my kids to have the confidence and show themselves to the world, honestly, without a mask. To stand up for themselves, even if it means that he is now in the trolley car and yelling at one like a trapped man.

"What are you looking at?"

It may seem unbelievable, but…
once I was pretty good,
once I followed the trends,
Once upon a time, a lot of people were called to date. But this body is born and nourished, with little energy left to itself, and more to your children. This body and souls adore their children when they are sad, cuddling, comforting them. For them, my body is at home, safety itself, which can always be accessed. What you always eat and drink gives you when you need it. My clothes aren't new or creepy, but they are comfortable and keep me warm while playing, cooking, cooking, caring, working. And there are hundreds of things that I have to struggle with on an average day. Once, I spent a lot of time keeping myself in shape. To be what every man dreams about - skinny, sexy, tight. Then the time came for my body to become the patron saint. It was not my presence that mattered. And I'm not saying this in terms of size. This is my number one spot on my list now. And well, that's it. So, thank you very much for coming down because I look like this. I do not need it. Tйnyleg.

My parent

I am tired every minute of the day. You only saw momentary fragments from my life, the mother's button. It's just a grain of dust in the sea. Not every day is so difficult, not every day I am so broken down, falling down on atoms, exhausted, and I have even more difficult days. I have been struggling with the devil since the kids have. I question every action I take, almost my thoughts. Generally, you do not miss having a gaze (your yours) pushed deeper. You do not know me, you do not live my daily life, do not come above me! Neither do I. The article was based on a post by Motherly.Related Articles: