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Saying about animals

Saying about animals

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Every child loves to say, and the rhythm and poetic music make the text easy to learn. In communion, we are together, we can use our hands, our fingers, we can imitate animals.

Saying about animalsWe have collected a few animal sayings. Remember, not only is social play, a source of fluency, but it is also a great developer of memory, deafness, native language, physical and sensory activity.Tabby cat, hair,
where did the butter go?
I see you in your mustache,
now you will have woe!If you are a kitten,
catching a mouse,
but I'm not a kitten,
I can't hold a mouse.This, cock, this, hen,
this is the pedestrian.
Feather, brush, jump
into the pots, crap!Pb, Kata, Peter, good morning,
the sun was rising outside.
Our cock sucks,
that big tarajъ:
"Come out for the morning, popcorn!" You can also listen to it here:The bear, if laid,
The bird, if her mother says,
Close your eyes too,
sleeping and sleeping,
Bunny ьl in the fы,
snoozing in his head.
Bunny, maybe you're sick,
that you can't jump anymore?
Bunny Oops, Bunny Oops,
he caught one!
We were birds,
landed on the ground,
we picked corn.
Tell me you
do you say anything? Wow, wow, bear,
come out to the lawn!
If you walk out beautifully,
so that the hunter does not fall,
bear, bear, bear,
come out to the lawn! Here you can hear: Butterfly, butterfly, get it off!
Get off my hands!
I have honey, I have sugar,
you can talk about it! Goat went to the small garden,
he ate the cabbage.
Hurry, goat, jump out,
the host is coming to catch you! The veron jumped,
the foot was trembling,
He went down in trouble
into the black bar.
Now I'm talking about the verb,
yes, the foot is so tired
it's not good this time
verйbiskolбba. The giraffe is the very lime,
the length of his neck is awesome.
She grazes the tree,
you never wear a colombo.Related articles in this article:
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