The mother explained why her baby was lying on the floor in the blood

The mother explained why her baby was lying on the floor in the blood

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Molly Lensing's two-day-old baby is stuck at the Colorado Springs airport for about 20 hours. The photos made by them triggered a violent reaction from the majority of people. The mother of three just told the story why.

Such is a crowded airman

A year ago, an American dusted the dust in the United States Molly Lensingrхl a photo taken by a stranger with his phone and shared on the internet. In the picture, the woman is in an airport chat and on her phone while her two-month-old baby there is a small little diaper on the floor in the foot. A post made with a quote from Albert Einstein ("I'm afraid of the day when technology will be more important than personal contact. There will be a generation of idiots in the world.") 65,000 shares received.

(photo: littlethings.com)

But in the comments there was also a couple of comments that were really appreciated, like "I hope somebody will report this woman to the children". However, Lensing recently told the Today Parents magazine that there was a good reason that they spent so many time and rescheduled more than 20 ounces of fiber at the Colorado Spings airport with my baby. "I carried Anastasia on the leash, but I was very tired after a while, and she had to stretch a little," Lensing says. "Not to mention that I had to call my family members to tell them what was going on and where we were going." "I feel that the private sphere is offended by the people," he told Today magazine. "I just started working in the nursery, so I was very afraid of what if my colleagues or boss had a photo and banned babies from working. But luckily, they didn't happen." et. He worked more with Mom Babble Mary Katherine Backstrom also who shared the picture on the magazine's Facebook page with the following text. "No, this is simply unacceptable. We don't photograph exhausted mothers at the airport, and then publicly discuss it. It's disgusting, I have to put an end to it. I was in a similar situation. if I accidentally babble and my baby falls out of my hand ... but to this day, cruel insults also come to mind. But when it comes to doing it, it says, "I'm trying I can't take notice of the commentsand I think of those who are next to me, love me and know me in some way. Unfortunately, I have no power over the Internet, but I know that I am the best mother for my children, and I will do my best to educate them. "Bmen! (The source of the article can be found here.)
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