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Why are some babies so ugly when they are born? The expert will respond to your request.

Average heavy birth can also leave a mark on the baby, not easy to pass through the baby's canal. The skull between the skull bones, the well serves to the head without injury adapt to tight spaces.Light the skull bones move slightly, they are deformed, but they regain their shape just as easily. Nasal distortion is similarly a transient problem. The fracture of the skull during birth is indicated by red spots, swollen eyes, possibly lesions on the eyes, but these tiny sores disappear and disappear within days. Acne, swollen breasts, and genitalia all refer to the effect of hormones taken from the maternal body. If your baby is breastfeeding, the hormone will last longer, so these signs will disappear more slowly, but no matter what you need to do! the baby is looking after herself. Your blood circulation and body temperature after birth are still fluctuating, and this is what your skin looks like: it changes almost urinally - informs me dr. Anna Cserbбk neonatologist, pediatric anesthesiologist and intensive care physician.


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