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A message for those who see short hair girls as boys

A message for those who see short hair girls as boys

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"Х Now a girl? Or a boy? Or what?" Why should children be categorized by their hair?

Yes, my baby has short hair. But now you don't have to watch it! (Photo: iStock) Good bye, this is a little girl, my daughter! Whoever hears your requests and sees you are afraid! And they are definitely not "what." It's a 5 year old human being. She loves to play outside, draw a chalkboard, imitate a mermaid, secretly slip into the basket riding a bike, shooting on the rainy days, and a thousand other things kids usually enjoy. Sometimes they are going to become astronauts, pigs or donuts. There are times that these three are calling themselves asthma at this time. And the hair is short. But it's not the latter trait that makes him interesting.In fact, this is one of the last of its characters that may be of interest. It is light because it is not neon color, but even different patterns are not shaved. If it were, I'd understand that people would be sorry. But it's not like that. My baby is right in the middle of an era where everyone notices wondering, and when he sings his favorite story, he asks "Your son can sing anyway?". At this point, you should say, "Mom, tell them!" that is why I have to sing every time that she is my child, she is the one who sings. Then we turn around and move on.It also happens that strangers ask me to let my son dress like a girl. And this is very wrong. My child is a baby - anyway let's define that expression. I look at him with admiration when he says, "I'm a short haired girl. What's the matter with everyone?". And if you say that to a stranger who's afraid of that, then I think it's okay. Yeah, I'm my mother, and I absolutely love my kids. That's it. I know he feels like he has to face something. And he knows that too. But I didn't know exactly what to contend with. There were many similar cases to when I was asked why my son wore an outfit. I said to her that she is a girl who loves soccer, just like her dude. . We were told that we would not cut a little girl's hair here. To this, my daughter remarked that she was distinguished because she was a girl. And he was right. You were surprised at your swimming pool for your bikini. And there was one who said how pretty little boy I am. My daughter cried out, "I love you, Mom, tell them!". And I get annoyed all the time and sometimes I can't sleep sometimes because it's not that good.Naturally, we are curious about things we do not know. But it is important to ask them politely. If we don't know that, then don't ask. If we can't decide whether to ask politely or not, it's probably not. Why can't we leave cruel others? When I was pregnant, did people stop me for what I was expecting? Fiъt? Lбnyt? I replied that I was expecting a baby. Although she was asked by a lovely lady who loves babies, I was still annoyed at the importance of this for her. The answer didn't bother her, so she grabbed my stomach - which made me mad and asked what type of baby she was? To that I said it might be a puppy, or a shark, or a vampire, or a beast. But he didn't let it go, and he kept asking me, but seriously, what was he? And I said seriously, х a baby. I have no idea what gender you are. I didn't want to know in advance. Anyone, I like it. I didn't understand how strangers could go to anyone with such requests. Nothing in between. And they think that's okay. Well, very bad.My body didn't want short hair to challenge gender-specific stereotypes. He wanted short hair because he thought it would make him feel better. And it will run faster. And I think that's okay. Х And he starts to understand who he is (VIA)Related links: