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So get your whole family used to eating apples.

So get your whole family used to eating apples.

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Since apples are traditionally the first food a baby gets to know, it is almost true that this fruit really consumes our diet. In addition to its delicious taste, it has a number of surprising properties.

Now, here are some more tips on apples that make it worthwhile for the whole family to consume regularly!

And it cleans the bay!

You're sure to have some leftover food between your teeth after eating, or just the taste of food in your mouth. If you don't have time to brush your teeth after eating, you have one apple to clean your teeth!

Have you ever tried headaches?

Just do it once! Some people specifically help you to fail and stop you from becoming stronger. According to some research, if you cut a smell and smell it, the volatile substances released from it can help to kill the head.

Great players, too

Food generally does not reinforce gaming quarters, and it is still fine. But if you've made a stamp on potatoes, try it on apples too!

It ripens tomatoes

In the village, you have certainly met this ancient practice of making a couple of days of unripe green tomatoes, which speeds up your entry. With the right rate, 5-6 tomatoes per apple.

Use for tops

If you like to workout and end up with exercise boots, you can boost your exercises with an apple. Put one on your stomach as you make the tops and try to keep them in place. Don't think how much harder it is with a tiny apple!

You fix your sugar

Brown sugar has a stubborn property that is very easy to adhere to and harden, but fortunately, this condition does not have to last. Put the hard sugar and an apple in a sealable bag and let them rest for a day or two.

Keeps the stit fresh

Anything incredible, but if you have the leftover food, be it at home, or at the store, you put it in the refrigerator of an apple company, and you can keep it for days.

Juicy food

If you had something fresh in the oven and roasted chicken, especially around your breasts, try putting an apple inside and roast it like that! It will be divine and the flesh will not dry out.

Subtracts the soke

If the cook is in love, you can easily run into the soup or the stew. But if it wasn't the overpowering feelings that drive the cooking, and the Sunday menu would be too cool in March, throw a little apple in the meal, which will take away the heat in 10 minutes.


If you know your hair is greasy than you want it to be, or after washing, conditioning, embalming, and feeling more tidy than with a healthy, prune blush. All exactly apple cider vinegar. Mix a little water in a glass of water and rub it into your hair! Believe me, it'll be a hit for her.
  • Apple juice helps with gastrointestinal disease so that the child does not dry out
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