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Why do women have orgasms?

Why do women have orgasms?

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Because there is no biological benefit to female orgasm, many researchers have been searching for a possible cause. Finally, a very strange explanation was found for the seemingly unjustified phenomenon.

She just recently published a magazine publishing a magazine about why women have orgasms, reports MedicalNewsToday. An American research team has been working on the subject, since orgasm has no biological benefits, at least not an insignificant feature of reproduction. They have come to the conclusion that human orgasms in human beings may be residual hormone release can be found today in the female rabbit as well as in the cats.The above mentioned two animals have this hormone release because it signals the body to get rid of the ovaries. Of course, humans do not need this sign because we are spontaneously ovulating. It is also conceivable that as organs of evolution evolve, the female orgasm has lost its new function after it has lost its function.They may also be interested in:
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