St. Luke's Health Company, Dombourvr

St. Luke's Health Company, Dombourvr

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Because church building is still limited to the baby ward, for the time being, mothers and babies can be counted as first-class placements in the dome district that has won this year's baby-friendly house. (This article was published in August 2009.)

dr. Gbcs Ernh
Photograph: Melyvnz

Dr. Ernő Gabcs, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, first guides us to the maternity room. Maybe to get over the difficulty.
- This is not our pride, it would be better to have a baby in a nicely furnished single room, but now we have to enter. However, I think that the attitude of the staff in the nursery, the professional knowledge is the decision. And there are no complaints about this. With an average of 1.7 births a day, we can always avoid having two in the nursery at a time. Whoever is very early is usually walking in the hallway or hanging out with the couple outside. There's also a butter shop, and just this time, the mother goes to the birth room. Of course, he or she can be the one you choose, or any other baby you choose. The issue of shaving has been solved by the current beauty trend. On the other hand, the first incarceration is only rarely ignored. There is always a discussion about the subject of a blocking gauge. There is no alternative in the living room. The chief physician is spending the first few months on the most serious baby boomers.
"If your baby has good headaches, the baby will be born in any situation," says Doctor Gacs, "and gravity can help. Therefore, they do not lay down their mothers during the confinement, only when they are worn, they are fatigued.
There were two middling beds in the birth room. His bad memories have not been used for many years, and even the bed is broken down into complications, so that they can be used in the function of the womb. For pain relief, the gas and epidural, spinal cord anesthesia are available.

Tуth Petra Kira is only a day away,
but she's breastfeeding wisely
Photograph: Melyvnz

We are also in the cup of cups, where the father cannot sell the couple.
"The father can only wait in the hallway," says Ibolya Lajszlunné Pajcsics, Head of Department. - But after the operation, while the mother is being cared for, she may nurse the newborn. We also make sure that the mother receives the baby a few minutes after being raised.
Calling a baby-friendly hospital, babies are always placed on their breasts, and baby babies help the first baby.
Newborn babies, babies and babies working in the classroom are also on the move, and always get where they need help and livelihood. The little ones are with their mother all day long, they get some tea and they only get medical advice. Healthy moms and babies are born naturally after birth, and after seven days, they are released to home.Facts, figures
  • Yearly birth number: 549
  • Ratio of cuttings: 17.85 percent.
  • A two-bedroom and a butterfly waiting for the family.
  • You can choose a baby.
  • The father should not be in the operating room for cesarean section.
  • Childrens lounge: There are 6 wheelchair accessible, cosily furnished rooms.
  • There are 24 ounces rooming in.
  • No pay rooms.
  • Parenting classes and nursery visits are organized.