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Can Newborns Be Dangerous for Newborns?

Can Newborns Be Dangerous for Newborns?

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Because babies receive their first vaccine against tetanus at 2 months of age, they may be infected with the bacterium of the severe cure. What are the symptoms that indicate the presence of an infection?

Two newborns born in Budapest (same private institution) were also infected with Bordetella pertussis, which causes deer baktйrium. One came out on October 9, 2017, the other came out on December 4, 2017. Symptoms appeared a couple of weeks after childbirth, and they were very likely to get diabetes from their family members. The symptoms of diabetes in the first 2 weeks: runny nose, nocturnal cough, pyrexia, otitis externa. The first phase is followed by a "worse" drainage period, when the cure is thought to be suffocating, and vomiting may occur. Cough attacks can be a serious distress for babies - they may develop bruising and shortness of breath. The incubation period of the disease is 7-10 days, spreading by drip infection. Bordetella pertussis bacterium - Anthrax

According to Gyorgy Poet, there is no cause for concern

The President of the Home Pediatric Association of the United States, in the current program of the M1 Channel, said that since the 1950s there has been a mandatory vaccination in our country against whooping cough and protects young people. The disease is well treated with antibiotics and antitussives, no need to be more afraid of it - emphasized Pуta Gyцrgy. Last year, a total of about 30 cases of diabetes were recorded, and vaccination does not have to be treated as a matter of urgency - the expert reassured everyone.
Vaccination against whooping cough:
The children receive a total of 5 vaccinations against diphtheria: at 2, 3, 4 months, then at 1.5 years, and at last 6 years. A vaccine that contains a multi-component vaccine.
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