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If the smaller kid blames the bigger one - Vekerdy ​​Tamбs

If the smaller kid blames the bigger one - Vekerdy ​​Tamбs

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What can a parent do when the small one is aggressive and the big one barely tolerates the yoke? Is it worth intervening? What do I need to change?

If the smaller one blames the bigger one (fotу: iStock)"My baby will be 4 years old this year, he was in high school (he was a goodbye before). , who usually understands this and just asks for help (mom come on, she's the father). I was a little bit in my parenting council because it surprises us and I really don't know why we don't. things (normal, orderly living with my husband, no debate), big one like that, he was not a boy, he was not in school or in school. He was friendly, kind, open-minded, loving also cute, but if something doesn't go the way he wants it or if someone tells him "little baby thing" (we don't call it home or baby, but we always give birth to his name) then he goes, laughs, baby lep, m This is now really strengthened in the kindergarten, as there are 6 year olds in the yard (besides a livestock group). Within 2 months he had about 4-5 such assemblies. In vain, we tell him to play in his group, don't go out, do it, and there are other games he is interested in. He behaves like he says he is big too. Uvninnik really can't do what, there are 26 kids in the group. Tell him not to dirty the big ones, stay in the area in front of their group, but this is hard to do ... and then the trouble will be. How to stay with your mates and not start with the big boys you okay? How do you accept that he is only 4 years old? Not to be so aggressive, don't he always be? At home, I try to give him "tasks" that he can do that are not dangerous (he should take the spoon) and not say you can't do it, you are small, but he often gets the message and rushes and thinks it's not dangerous. "

Answer: No need to intervene

I have no answer from the remote, I guess it can't be.
It's good that you took her to your parenting council, and you should go there for longer, relaxing, playful therapy. Perhaps there would be some light on the background - or rather on the "depths." While reading a letter, it is constantly sensing that something is missing. THE child aggression is always a message to adults, the environment, the book. What do you think you like about the big one? Why do you want to be big? The big picture? Is it possible that someone in the family did not want a second child already (but of course they were welcome when they came in once)? No matter how strange it may sound, children not only echo our senses and imagery, but also our unconscious (unconscious or oblivious, suppressed) spiritual content. After all, she's all so well - and then this little one comes along and indicates that at least something is not quite right for her.
What could it be?
Asking: How to do it (do it, don't do it, play in your group, don't go to another group, take a spoon, but don't ask, etc.) - And I'd like to do the best (maybe) that no way.
My dear and esteemed colleague used to say badly to the parents asking: - Draw another kid yourself!
I think that is something very good about such situations.
In situations like this, when a member of the family is somehow "alien", everyone is okay, just the one who is, end, end, bite.
What should we do to make him feel good in the skin? Perhaps this would be the more lucky query and ambition.
Sure, yeah, he can deliver, but if I say he can take the spoon, it's a loot, that's not enough. This will reduce the size of the child. Fight with everything! Also with the dangerous knife? Can it be distinguished by a bowl or glass?
Yes, I think I would. (A few decades ago, four-year-olds were even smeared of bread when they didn't have to go through a more busy night. Each such reassurance increases, and so does the control.)
You would have to figure out what you got here.
But this can only be out of body.
And why do you go there with the beast and bite him, why not the big one gracefully, but firmly, keeping himself and saying, No! Not this!
The song also says: I am little / Will grow up in… (Source: Tamás Vekerdy: Little Kids-School)
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