When the little one is training the big one - Vekerdy ​​answers

When the little one is training the big one - Vekerdy ​​answers

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What should we do if the big one doesn't beat the little one, but the little one sins the big one? What can a big brother do and what should a parent do in this difficult situation? Vekerdy ​​Tamba's choice.

When the little one is training the big one - Vekerdy ​​answersSo I find that prospective parents usually wonder how the big one will relate to the little one, whether he will be sober, he will blame the little one. That was so with us. Virgo was almost 4 years old when her baby brother was born. But he is the true dream of a great man who mimics mother and also learns the technique of masseuse in the pussy. So much of our carefree answer to the above question was that the big one, the big one, not shy, loves the dick. not good. Once upon a time, the situation is that the little one always needs the big one; sometimes it is just a few hairs; at other times he ducks, sucks, rips off, chases the big one, and his pet bites. Many times, it is painful where he is; smiling, but caressing, of course, comforting the big one, and watching the big-eyed eyes together after biting a purple spot on its buttocks. So the answer to this question today is: The big one is good at the small one, but he has been living his life for two months, minus the times when he is good. But the main request: what if the little one "trains" the big one? What are you doing? Do you call your attention? Then why aren't you lobbying or do you know they are showing up anyway? And what if the big one does not fight and remains silent and dear? How to protect yourself? How do I do it right so that my throat won't be crying out in the evening? How do I explain this whole thing to a 20-day mini man? I want to be grown up good brothers who can count on each other. For all that, what would another parent say, or a psychologist?

The act must be kept up to date

Isn't it possible that you had a very strong sense of selfhood before your little brother was born? Negatnv with his fervor? A flower whose love and presence is very important, feeling it, reading it "real" in a big "dream", and he was fortunate enough to imitate himself. All Natural Feelings - even aggressive - suppressed in himself, and leaving only the positives out of the ambivalent sibling sensations, "loves the key". And Zoltán does not know, nor does he know what, until and wherever - all of himself and his own, who will follow it, should know, yes. but if we find out: NO! - it can't be, I'm going to be out of typing. The other ones can't be fucked up because somebody - first the mother and then the other - grabs (I can say, catches) the hand and holds it tightly, in the child's eyes, he says, NO! And of course the same is true with biting. Many small children bite. In this case, one wonders whether in the midst of loving sins one of the grown-ups occasionally says, "Hamm, I get you!" Hamm, I'll eat you! - or maybe yeah: - I eat that little butt! Hamm, hamm, hamm! - And he starts biting it in a friendly way ... Of course he knows the adult martyrs, leaving no painful imprint - hope! -, the games are more like tickling, kid laughing or squeaking - and mimicking the pattern and trying it out on his big brother.What can't Virgg protect himself for? Because you want to be good to yourself?
The parents must learn endure the negative sensations of their children - like each other in fraternity - even if it is a bit difficult. No, you don't have to be in love with this brotherhood (either), you can be angry, you can be angry. These: йrzйsek. And sensation doesn't suppress something! It is possible to express anger and anger - preferably in words… But the act must be kept in check!
When we hold the sixty-day hand and say a very definite no, with the internal determination that we will block the body, the mill, the bite over and over again, we are not, because we are the head. It doesn't matter if the child understands all our words, he will understand the situation. They can also be good brothers and sisters - and "count on each other" if we set these firm boundaries more firmly and quickly.
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