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I have a party in my tummy!

I have a party in my tummy!

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At first, it just gently flips one or two, but it doesn't take much and almost kicks the side of the house. Expect this from the fourth month!

I have a party in my tummy!

Little babies report very differently on fetal movements. Those who they are expecting their first baby, they are only beginning to feel at the eighteenth or twentieth week, then we can make a definite distinction between fetal movement and movement, and still only in the form of gentle strokes. With your second baby, you can feel the tiny little body's movements for weeks. Some people describe it as bubbling in the stomach, and more like a small fish, butterfly wing flutter.

Signs in there

It is a little misleading when the doctor inquires about the date of the first fetal movement, since it is not uncommon for the baby to move in the first week of the week. In the ninth week of pregnancy, the fetus is already moving, even though it is only two centimeters. These are, of course, subtle breaths that are impossible to detect.
Anyone who has experienced how unforgettable, powerful, and determined loops and loops can be in this little, rather admirable, case of unexplained, non-pregnant pregnancies will be avoided. The explanation lies in the fact that part of the fetal movements is nothing more than a conversation with the mother - the fetal head fits into the hand caressing or just one.
If the mother does not initiate a dialogue with the subject, for example, because she is not able to become pregnant, there is probably a lot less signal coming from within. The baby slips unnoticed in the womb, and even her mother can not distinguish her tiny tricks from the movement.