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Child psychologist in chat

Child psychologist in chat

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What can a child psychologist say? Very much. He may not have been so fervent in his chat that he asked so many different things as Zsuzsa Etnynyi's child psychology.

Of course, an expert opinion is good on big things, too, but it turns out that the average everyday produces stressful questions. Let's also take a quick look at the questions and answers.

Variations on fitness

The exasperated mother of 29 and 14-month-olds reported that she was completely impotent and exhausted after her older son "doesn't accept, does a lot of malice, wills" just because of the fire, and the situation doesn't it's just getting worse and worse.
In the older boy's age, children are slowly experiencing stagnation, and at this age, the racket can be a sign. That is why the child targets all wrongdoing to the person above him, mostly the mother. Rugen said the drone period starts at 3 years old, but nowadays it is earlier.
Conscious malpractice is usually a cause that is worth exploring. This is a kind of signaling, communication. For example, it might be a sign of a little brother's reluctance. If there is only another year between the two children, "not every first child can easily forgive their mother."
What can you do? If you just have it, you need to make sure the bigger ones have the time - say twice a week - when we are with him. It may sound strange, but in such a case, the bigger one would not "fancy" or waste the time that the smaller one took. If the two want something at the same time, one tends to make the small one the first, but the big one is emotionally more in need!
The mother can get ideas and energy if she has some time with her childhood parent. It should be noted here that wits can help with this.

Need or do not need wits?

It is more "necessary bad" than really necessary for a child. At this age, it is more important for a child to be with the mother than for the child. There are obviously some wonderful kids who - for example. because of the bigger brother - they are craving for the kiddie crush. It is worth reading carefully with wisdom, and it is more prudent that if you do not nurture your child, you should come back.

Maximalist little ladies

By September, the school was in trouble as well, after a 9-year-old baby seemed to have a headache that did not want to disappear without organ failure. Psychologists were expecting parents to answer - very correctly - the child was thoroughly examined, but God was without result, that is, everything was negative. Then what do you do? Something's just the head of a baby!
Zsuzsa Etinyi is familiar with the phenomenon, and she is sure that the child in the school wants to meet her terribly. Most babies are quick to expect too much of themselves. Up to self-education they can be maximalists. Psychosomatic symptoms, e.g. head and belly girls are almost all "driven". In this case, it is important that you avoid roulette conversations with the child so that they do not have to do so well! They like it, even if not all tickets are star-studded. Of course, good results are important, but learning, excellence is not all, health and liberation are more important. Many people are anxious because there is no opportunity to discuss things.


The desire to take away the currency of the parents was also avoided in connection with vacation, room cleanliness, and staying in the hospital. The baby boy, who was a housekeeper at the age of 2-4, became pissed at the kindergarten. It is almost natural that, in a slightly more exciting situation, the mother and, in the absence of the usual environment, the child slightly falls back in development. When you are already at home in the midst of new circumstances and convinced you that there is nothing to hold on to, the situation is usually resolved on its own, and the parent has nothing else to do than love, piety and understanding.
Staying in the hospital - especially spending the night without parents' safety - can also bring anxieties that are difficult to start with and do not help with patience. There's nothing to be surprised if a 26-month-old boy's boyfriend can't sleep for months. Lovely will slowly get used to the right wheeling, but it is understandable if you need a little "rehabilitation" in this case: you need to believe it; not to leave her parents alone, it was just a matter of necessity. We'll be back for the holidays and for the trip.

Boy's parents concerns

Some people make fun of the poster, and today, when you look at gender roles, the media's ineptitude almost makes us feel almost natural, and we need to feel completely natural. you are worried about a baby boy starting to puppy on his baby. She's worried about whether she should do something about it or not, since it's a little boy!
The child psychologist's frappy answer: "Well, of course, even super! It's okay for a little boy to have a soul."
This is not the kind of problem that would suggest a minor gender identity disorder. Just think of how nice it is to be a devoted, talkative, humorous father. She always starts her mothers, and they are more likely to grow up with their husbands if they see how good they are with each other, how warm they are, and how good the educators are. Yes, this is a lesson to be learned, this is also a sign of men's spiritual maturity, if they take on their feelings, dare to be playful, be frivolous.As mentioned, countless questions remain.