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What does the Metropolitan Museum of Wisdom collate with?

"Children in these wards are cared for with such care and sincerity as if they were under the care of the dearest mother," acknowledges the significance of an almost one hundred years. From child-care to child-specific needs, the profession has come a long way, but it has not changed in spirit - just as the Bishop's Museum opened in the Great Church on 3rd Street.The Mother's Relaxed Childbirth, That is, the Beatitudes of Belarussia is More Than Another Year's Eve . At the outset, two shepherd's ten babies were provided under the supervision of the First Pious Bible Association of Pest, including Julia Forrens Brunszwick and then Eden Kбrolyi. "The mission of our institution is to nurture, maintain, and foster the well-being and honorable parents of babies - while they are doing their job," the institution stated in its mission statement. This house is not alive, but it was the site of the Museum of Wisdom, which was unique in its own right last year, and was originally restored to its original function after the restoration of the church after its construction in the 3rd century. Expanding on the collection of Elizabeth Ambrus, we have here exhibited the artifacts of the profession.Tablou and interior show the beginning of the Big Temple Street Initiative, in which the Merciful Nurses, the "gray women", leaned over the curtained Greeks. The large, large, wheelchair-stroller, the worn-out breeds, the sculpted rocking horse, the sketchbook, the much-worn toy bear revive the thrill of decades ago. The small wardrobe is impressive: white cotton sweatshirts in the mid-50s, a "macky" cover in the 60s, a red dress from the 70s, a beanie in the back, a cube. The bцlcsхdйk never belonged to the rich ellбtott intйzmйnyek kцzй: nyilvбn it magyarбzza the seventies йvekben "fashionable" ruhбcskбkat are lбtogatуk also ismerхsnek talбlhatjбk mйg whose children tнz-tizenцt йvvel kйsхbb jбrt bцlcsхdйbe the gondozуnхk ъjra at ъjra order tettйk, megvarrogattбk these .In addition to biographies, showcases of objects and archives, tabloid books, documents, and professional materials showcase the development of worshipers, how well-educated children become. Modern accustomed higiйniai kцrьlmйnyekhez lбtogatу elkйpedhet the fйl йvszбzada mйg hasznбlatos nйgyszemйlyes "bilizх pad" lбttбn that Debrecenbхl kerьlt the gyыjtemйnybe.Az цtvenes йvekben suddenly swollen sokszorosбra the ellбtandу small szбma: agyonzsъfolt in this time, in addition to contemporary times lakбsokbуl kialakнtott bцlcsхdйkre fotуk йs a jбtйkok Operational License issued by Anna Ratkу Anna commemorates. Methodological advancement in the 1960s: activity-stimulating toys and tools dissolved the monotony, and became more colorful and rich in the livelihood of young children as time went by.