What can a pregnant mother decide on today?

What can a pregnant mother decide on today?

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What can a woman born in Hungary expect today?

The World Health Organization (WHO) also published in 1999 a manual on normal birth, summarizing the recommended and non-recommended procedures.

Where can the mother be born?

According to the international recommendation, the mother can decide where she wants to bring her child. In Hungary, this is only true in the case of parents. The place of birth can be an institution - something that does not happen here is officially called "out-of-institution birth". There are only one institution today: the birth department of the hospital. Nursing homes have ceased to exist, and baby-headed nursing homes are still missing. You can be born in an institution outside the institution (at home, in a friendly, livable apartment), but the conditions for this are very strict.
The effective regulation strictly stipulates who can stand outside the institution and who is present in the parent. These conditions are insured today in very few women in our country.

Who can be present at birth?

According to the WHO, it is recommended to respect that the mother she wants to know beside herself in childbirth. However, in 17 percent of domestic hospitals the mother cannot choose to give birth, and in 30 percent she cannot have a baby. According to experts, many institutions have to choose between a father and a della, since only one person is allowed to be present. In the case of cesarean section, two thirds (66%) of the births cannot have the father inside during the operation. Today, however, the cesarean section is relatively short, and the mother is ubiquitous and the area of ​​surgery is completely distinct. There are institutions where the baby is just shown to the mother, is touched to the brim of a kiss, and mostly expects her mother to act in an incubator. There are few hospitals where, after surgery, the baby is placed in the dad's arms (sometimes on the chest). This opportunity for a baby born with a cup is very important as you can try to have early births with your mother following a natural birth.

How can a mother be born?

The WHO recommends that women should be able to choose their own posture and move freely under the influence. In our country, nearly one-third (27%) of hospitals are unable to do so. In these cases, the overwhelming majority of parents have a supernatural, so-called "carnivore" position, while the WHO recommendation also states that "it is obviously cathartic to apply."

How Much Can a Mother with a Baby?

In 4 percent of domestic hospitals, the mother does not receive the baby immediately after birth; More than one-third of our families (35%) do not allow a mother and baby to stay unlimited together in the days following birth. In contrast, WHO-UNICEF recommends that babies be with their mother 24 hours a day.

Domestic practice of cesarean section

According to the WHO, a sperm incidence above 10-15 is not justified. He did it In Hungary, every third baby is born with a cup (36%). Only one domestic institution approaches the WHO recommendation with a 16-percent cesarean section. In one third of our cities (30%) we have between 20 and 30 percent. In 39 percent of the births the mothers have 31 to 40 percent of the wombs, and in the next 20 percent, 40 percent of the wedges have a ratio of wedges. And in the record-breaking institution, 56% (!) Of the parents are justices.