The brain structure of children who lose a lot can be damaged

The brain structure of children who lose a lot can be damaged

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The more time a sapling spends in front of the screen, the greater the chance of a change in the structure of the brain, resulting in an increase in the gray matter of the body's frontopolar cortex.

Japanese researchers looked at 276 and eighteen-year-olds who were 2-4 ounces a day before television, with the average. The MRI showed that the most extinct frontopolar cortex has the highest gray matter - this region is located in the anterior region. An increase in gray matter is a negative change, since for lower verbal intelligence can be done - by Tohoku University staff in the city of Sendai.

It doesn't do much for the kid

Experts suggest that gray matter should be related to body weight and reduced in childhood in order to increase brain function. "The little ones with the highest IQ szьrkeбllomбnya is rare in my mind "- note the authors of the study, who emphasized that certain activities may influence the pace of the process. Based on previous experiments, the instrument games develop the brainwhich, however, cannot be said about passive poverty. Japanese researchers have found that televнziу And so far, no one has studied the relationship between the brain structure, although the conclusion of the current study is that "life is related, directly or indirectly, to the neurocognitive development of children, and so to that of an adult." THE Cerebral Cortex According to an experiment based on the essay published in the journal címы, the proportion of boys and girls was almost equal. Although there was a correlation between malnutrition and adverse changes in the brain structure, this was a statistical agreement, not a causal relationship.