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10 things grandma can do to stop mothers

10 things grandma can do to stop mothers

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The more excited your mom is to your grandchild's mother, the less you'll see the little one. Of course, if the new mom is the weasel. Here is a list to keep in mind.

Fresh moms are exhausted, scared, nervous and sensitive. It's easy to hurt them. One of the bloggers at Babycenter has put together the things that are causing the most problems.

He was criticized by a noble

You do it this way, you do it. For some of you, the surprising method is based on facts that have since emerged from children's development. For example, we now know that babies are much better off sleeping on their backs than their stomachs, so the incidence of SIDS can be drastically reduced.

Forget the lists

Gathering point by point, because when and how to feed a child, how to sleep, what they are allowed to do and what not, it can seem very controlled in the eyes of mothers and goes across borders.

Breastfeeding during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is very important for the new mother and is not always a welcome comment. Grandma, don't give negative comments to the activity, but rather help: give it a pillow or water to make the mother more comfortable.

Share pictures without being asked

Yes, Facebook is just waiting to be full of nicer grandchildren photos and the fingers of acquaintances itching to put an end to the pride of the family, but parents are not sure to take the nickname if we can . Patience, they'll give birth if they can post!

Frequent visits or long stays

New parents live at least in a completely reversed chronology for years. Ask your children to be honest - when, for how long, and when you need help.


The best way for everyone to see your grandchildren is to take care of them. There's a lot of conflict when you come to visit your mother and expect to have fun instead of help - and having children is one of the best ways to do it.

Insist on childcare

There are parents who do not like to fuck their children. Maybe it's not because of you, it's just that. If you have never had the opportunity to watch over your child for a couple of times, do not force it, be patient!

Don't praise just one parent

In the eyes of a grandmother, her baby is obviously wonderful. But it does not hurt to have a couple of good parents who have not learned everything from you.

Get photos, videos, or phone calls

The new parents are exhausted. Don't do it with a card. The simplest way is to get more memories from your new grandson, to praise every photo or video you get, but don't follow any more!


If your grandchildren's parents are chasing you, they want to make it public. Don't think about doing this to someone from your relatives, the gossip will come back sooner than you think! Also worth reading:
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