If the child is sick - Possible causes

If the child is sick - Possible causes

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The younger the child, the more likely it is to vomit. About half of babies occasionally have an upset stomach, but only about five percent more often have the disease.

If the kid is sick

Without weight loss, this is just a post-drinking binge. As with diarrhea, vomiting also causes weight loss and fluid loss. Give him plenty to drink. Prolonged vomiting indicates serious illness. If your child has persistent vomiting (acetoneemia vomiting), it is organic or psychological causes If you have vomiting, or headaches, heartburn, fever, or stomach pain after consecutive strokes, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Tell your doctor what you observed: Unsupervised or digested food-borne child? Are the foams foamy, bile or bloody? When and how often does your child complain?If the symptom:
- The pancreas contains lumpy, unsalted dietary supplements and lots of stomach acids
Then the possible reason is:
- malnutrition (other possible symptoms: constipation, diarrhea, puppies, acute weight loss)
- Cerebral palsy (other possible symptoms: headache, loss of consciousness)
- poisoning (other possible symptoms: heartburn, short-term loss of consciousness)If the symptom:
- stomachs with stomach acid, stomach content, green or yellow bile
Then the possible reason is:
- gastritis (other possible symptoms: diarrhea, fever, abdominal cavity, acute loss of weight, coagulated blood in the stomach, acetonemic vomiting, wheezing (acetone), loss of body,
- appendicitis (other possible symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, fever, pain in the lower right side)If the symptom:
- stinging with blood, blood
Then the possible reason is:
- intestinal obstruction (other possible symptoms: abdominal discomfort, small stomach, dizziness)If the symptom:
- Fever is always preceded by vomiting!
Then the possible reason is:
- meningitis (other possible symptoms: stiffness, headache, high fever, dizziness, spasms)If the symptom:
- Pancakes with or without dietary supplements, yellow and green bile
Then the possible reason is:
- migraine (other possible symptoms: headache, mostly unilateral, heartburn, visual disturbances)
- brain cancer (other possible symptoms are: vomiting, headache, seizures)If the symptom:
- vomiting after eating certain foods
Then the possible reason is:
- Food allergy (other possible symptoms: diarrhea, skin rash, weight loss, reflux) Fluid carefully with caution to be solved: Give the child a sip or 1 teaspoon of water every 10 minutes. Do not overdo it with a larger dose as it may come back easily. Fluoride and tea is also a good source of reflux. Source: Dr. Barbara Capelle - Dr. Helmut Keudel Pediatrics kцnyve.
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