Guide to the Railroad Park!

Guide to the Railroad Park!

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A miniature garden with iron, a creative corner, a railway station exhibit, photo competition and many other entertaining opportunities await your family on Sunday at the Budapest Railway Station.

In the family mattees of the week you can see the steaks and in the Orient Hall you can sit on any interesting car. The main corner of the park will feature a creative corner featuring rail model folding, drawing and coloring. On the first floor of the building there is an exhibition entitled Railway stations, bridges, tunnels in pictures. On the second floor, the King of the Trains, the King of the Trains - a 125-year-old Orient Express tour guides visitors throughout the famous steam tour.
In the West Hall, you can set up a small miniature bathrobe set up in the garden, but you can try out the lounger car, and you can also admire the inside of the dining room, where you can also find a lounge chair.
In good times, you can also drive and mount the locomotive pivoting disc for a round. The park awaits visitors every Sunday with fire in the sun, and three in the south await visitors.