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Because of the cells of our ancestors, our stem cells are important

Because of the cells of our ancestors, our stem cells are important

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All of us live in Hungary, as many stem cell donors are registered in the International Population's entire population. Because of our genetic abilities, we have to count on ourselves, on one another. It is advisable to store your own stem cells, but where?

Is equality just a blessing?

From an international donor registry, a Hungarian patient may have the same chance of getting a stem cell as a foreign patient. When you are replenished in your home country, the appropriate foreign stem cells take away from the Social Security cash box 9500-10000 euros, which is the smallest problem with money. The right type of implantable stem cell is a basic requirement for life saving. We are a poor country, and because of the genetic characteristics of the Hungarian population, it is much more likely that we will have a suitable donor patient in our country than a huge international registry. This is even more the case with the Roma population. That is why the storage of genetic resources in our country is of great importance, irrespective of whether we want to preserve it for our own purpose or donation, for a national register.
There is now an opportunity for saving internationally, but for the time being the National Bank of Geneva is not yet available.

Service for the forward-looking

In Budapest, the brand new lab was built on the first floor of the National Cure Center (OGYK). OGyK's Stem Cell Bank Laboratory, which works with Zelion Stem Cell Ltd., provides a cure for tricked-down families. After a lengthy trial phase, the Genomic Stem Cell Bank opened its doors to the public. The laboratory is international in scope, and its storage and processing complies with the standards of the international registry, as well as Hungarian requirements. Among other things, it is a major step forward in Hungarian health, as it provides a long-term opportunity to join the National Gender Bank based on voluntary donation.
So parents who are already thinking ahead do not have to be afraid that valuable sacrifices may not be useful at the crucial moment because they are subject to uncontrolled processing and retention by the physician.

We can join the international wildcard circulation ...

It is also irrelevant in the plans what will happen to the preserved patronage samples that the donor will not necessarily need, or which the parents will eventually abandon. A well-designed procedure and appropriate protocols, documentation, and administration warrant that these models, while still in principle, will be included in the future without any further need for further information. hбlуzatбba.
Created by the National Securities Bank, it is now rather a monetary request. The kцldцkzsinуrvйr szabбlyos feldolgozбsa because much drбgбbb the kцzcйlokat szolgбlу kцldцkzsinуrvйr-bank, as the kereshetхsйg йs the donor-recipient-pбrok fast, szбmнtуgйpes megtalбlбsa only alapjбn Possible if elхtte megtцrtйnt szцveti the sample cell цsszefйrhetetlensйget meghatбrozу HLA-fehйrjйinek bevizsgбlбsa the ъgynevezett HLA -tipizбlбs. However, this costs around 80-100 thousand forints, so that is how much the state should spend. This test can be saved in the case of blood shed for private use. It is important to know that the test can be performed after all if the sample has been correctly processed and stored from all points of view.