Childhood Education (GYБP)

Childhood Education (GYБP)

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Anyone who has a child who knows the situation when the parent is not his or her own and cannot work because of the illness of his or her child, is declared incapable of work.

Childhood Education (GYБP)

In the event that the child is under 12 years of age, the parent will be entitled to cash benefit in the event of his or her illness, that is to say, childcare allowance (GYPP).
  • insurance,
  • the health insurance contributions of the incapacitated person are payable,
  • inability and incapacity of the physician.
The right of a child living in a public household to receive childcare allowance is available to each parent individually. Eligibility: Employees. A sole proprietor who is a member of a self-employed, self-employed, non-affiliated company is not entitled to a cow.

Who counts as born and counts as single?

As a parent is entitled to GYP, it is important to clarify who the law considers it to be. And the concept of a single parent is important because until July 1, the law on GYP has made a difference between single parents and pairs of parents.
  • bloody or receptive parents,
  • living room with parents,
  • nevelхszьlх,
  • deputy parent,
  • okay, on
  • if you want to marry a child living in your own household and the process is already underway.
From the point of view of childcare diet, it is considered to be unique:
  • who is single, widowed, widowed, divorced or out of wedlock, unless you have a life partner,
  • house parties who are or are entitled to the personalities of the blind,
  • whose spouse was entitled to an invalidity benefit in the event of invalidity,
  • whose spouse is in an old-age pension and as of 31 December 2011 I or II. was entitled to group disability, accident disability pension,
  • whose spouse has a disability benefit and a health status of not more than 30% based on a complex assessment of rehabilitation effectiveness,
  • whose spouse is a member of the First or Second Legislation of the Republic of Armed Forces by virtue of the Law on Service of Officials of the Armed Forces. rokkantsбgi group, йn December 31, 2011 rйszesьlх szemйly accident rokkantsбgi nyugdнjban who kйrte the szolgбlati jбrandуsбg megбllapнtбsбt so far complied with the korhatбr elхtti цregsйgi nyugdнjak megszьntetйsйrхl the korhatбr elхtti ellбtбsrуl йs the szolgбlati jбrandуsбgrуl szуlу 2011 йvi CLXVII. (b) of Section 9 of the Act,
  • whose spouse is in pre-trial detention, is serving a life sentence.
From the standpoint of loneliness, one who is living in the same dwelling with his / her family but who is in the process of divorcing the marriage is also considered to be distinct. July 1, the law is now does not discriminate between single parents and two parents in a family model with regard to the length of time a childcare allowance may continue. Dietary days are determined by the child's age. In this sense, the number of eligible days of childcare leave is as follows: Letters for breastfeeding and nursing are meant for children up to the age of one year.

After 1-3 years of age, he / she goes to childcare allowance

Children aged 1 year and under 3 can receive nursing care for up to 84 calendar days on a child care allowance.

After 3-6 years old, he goes to childcare allowance

Children aged 3 years and over and under 6 years of age are entitled to care for both parents and parents, with 42 days for single parents, and 84 days for single parents.

After 6 to 12 years of age, you go to childcare allowance

Children aged 6 years and 12 years can receive nursing care on their parents and parents, and each parent has 14 calendar days of childcare allowance.

Amount of childcare allowance

The average daily wage of a minimum two-year continuous insurance relationship is 60% of the average daily wage, but not more than three times the minimum daily wage. In each case, max. The payout can be $ 500. In case of hospital or other inpatient care, the amount of the dietary allowance is 50 percent.