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Kardar Annamaria: These are the 10 commandments of the parents

Kardar Annamaria: These are the 10 commandments of the parents

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It is important for all parents to give their children something short. Psychologist, narrative therapist Dr. Kabar Annamaria gives the answer in questions of transcendence and early birth.

Kardar Annamaria: These are the 10 commandments of the parents

Asked by dr. Kambar Annambria psychologist, fairy tale therapist, author of countless books, and mother of two children, all about what to give our children in the short term. The psychologist scored 10 + 1 points: 1. It's so childish! This has helped me a lot in my adult choice.2. Grab it and release my hand! All of them when needed.3. Our deeds, memories, ceremonies, rutes are our greatest collective treasures. Make time for the details 4. Please don't compare to anyone! Vagyokn йn ,n and I am soу.5. Believe in me, trust me! His faith was roasting in the ashes at an outside transit station. I'm not buying your own hearts for currency, but my own. You can grind these 6. I'm your king, your king. I'm good! Please, love unconditionally 7. The greatest rewards you can give are the time of your life and being with me when I need you.8. Tell me about your grandmother, grandmother, yourself, your childhood experiences! In order to fly, I also need roots! Show off your senses, talk about them, share with me what you mean, what you hate. That is how I can overcome my inner wings.10. Be patient about the results of your work! Many times you think it was frustrating, but that's not true, it just seems like it at the moment. +1
Don't worry about what will happen to me if you are not! You will always be alive through your stories, your stories, your memories. The psychologist also said in an interview with you can fight, be brave and full of faith. who laughs so much that he can love the world in the hearts of his children. He is able to show the world a good place for his children to live and fight. And that he remained an elusive child. According to Kard, children are the best EQ developers, and in parenting situations parents are constantly encouraged to be flexible. Constant evolution, adaptability is an element of parenting. It also highlights the role of the fairy tale, the fabulous: the importance of inner creation, by which the child overcomes his or her anxieties, anxieties, Hall, and in an inner illustration, draws his own story. His personal relationship with the narrator helps him feel emotionally secure, relaxed, and surrenders to the floating state of consciousness in which he lives.Related articles in parenting:
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