How to prepare for the pain of parenting?

How to prepare for the pain of parenting?

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Every little baby is worried about being a parent of birth and pain. Is it possible to get ready?

How to prepare for the pain of parenting?

Those who are expecting their first child are more excited because they have no experience but have read and heard about it. Mom-to-be knows for sure what kind of pain they can count on, but they also think about it and prepare somehow. And how to ask the parent is key because there is so much to do. But let's start at the beginning. Because this is what we grew up with, we saw it from our parents, and Western medicine definitely considers pain to be overcome. Unlike other cultures, where we teach in childhood that pain must be watched because it signals something to us. And they not only observe it, they also learn how to treat it properly. Pain most often occurs in our bodies when there is a problem. It indicates where to seek and treat the disease. Except for physical alteration, such as toothache, because it does not refer to disease or deterioration, but to development. Compared to birth, the presence of pain does not reflect a patient's process, but a positive change that a brings you up to birth. When it comes to how well our bodies work, we are able to give birth to a child. Unfortunately, the fear of pain causes many women to give birth to their children. Yet a cesarean section is also painfulin fact, it is a longer process, because surgical intervention is a disease that can be harder to heal. Vaginal birth is a natural process. It is also a natural pain that indicates where your birth is going and how well your baby is going. If better let's get to know how our bodies work And the birth process, what we do and how it causes pain, we will not be so afraid of it, we can accept it more easily, and it will be more bearable. she will be exhausted from there, so the baby will be sick in the stomach. There are no sensory nerves in the uterus, because then you would have felt completely awake and sworn that you would not call it a blessed state. Only the cervix and the coccyx have sensory nerves that gradually expand during birth to allow the baby to heal. Their agitation causes pain that radiates around the waist, pelvis and kidneys. This is an increasing pain that indicates that your baby is getting tired and the baby is about to give birth. And stress can cause many complications. Because stress affects the hormones that control the growth phase. These hormones are very sensitive and do not work well under the influence of stress, slowing down the process of prostration. In such cases, it is often said that a baby has a headache, but not only pain, a feeling of discomfort from within, but also many external influences, and you can develop comfort more easily by yourself, less stress. You need to know your doctor, your doctor, your baby, know your baby's life, how your body works, and your baby's body. That pain doesn't have to be overcome everywhere because it takes you to good control. And if a woman can make up her mind, you can accept and allowthat the pains come, getting deeper and longer, the easier it will be for you to give birth.Of course, the pain can be in natural ways. For example, water to help with the relaxed condition, and special maternity massage, which can reduce birth pain by up to 70%. They can easily catch their teeth, and at the moment they can help their couple relieve their pain.Katalin Halabsz
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