Bored child? No tips!

Bored child? No tips!

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With every child, they just sift through their toys, snap into their sibling, or scribble on the wall, even though they know it's forbidden. What can you do if you can't do so much with yourself?

Think about what the problem is! You may want to change something. Listed are some of the most common factors that can interfere with kids' ability to engage them well.


You can't immerse yourself in the games if you have to stop for something. Instead of a crowded agenda, you win more with two-threes and crazy home games and the same amount of air.


Not only the kid's room, but also the spacious living room, the cozy kitchen, the exciting little bathroom or the bustling hallway will stir the kid's imagination. Let him take possession of the apartment. Also, make him a playground in the places where you spend most of the day.


Less is more! Too many games tend to be more confusing. Feel free to pack whatever you never handle, you can catch it once again as a Newcomer! Good games are not so "perfect", they leave more room for fantasy. The cardboard box in the middle of the room can be a blood, a hair, a racing car or a cave.

We can't even imagine what a cardboard box will do


The children the adults imitate the world jбtйkaikban. Let them try to cook, buy, help you cook, and greens to choose. They could go to a little baby for a baby, or a zoo. You can re-enter these situations while playing games.


You may notice that he retires occasionally and plays in his own imagination, sometimes wanting to be near you. They both need it, but you never have to entertain yourself all day. Before a new developmental step is often bored, give him time to think about what he likes. A little excitement is a part of selfless activity, you don't have to hurry to help yourself.More ideas:
- So you could draw blood without a frame
- Not many games will make a kid happy
- Let's do something! Simple and cheap games for kids
- Let's play shopkeeper!