Here are the latest news trends! - So choose!

Here are the latest news trends! - So choose!

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Every child is truly unique - hence the name that no one else has! - more and more babies are coming.


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Naming experts, however, say that this tendency will only intensify in the future, both at home and abroad. Of course, we take the example of the children of celebrities - they also compete in a non-secretive way to impress the world with their choice. You remember how happy Balázs Sebestyin was when he picked on the name Benett for the boy, because only three other Hungarian people carry the name. The message is public: the really good name is rare. The fastest way to follow English fashion is where there is no limit to the parents' passage, so you can give your children whatever name they want. So the Victoria Beckham girl was named Seven, and Bingham, the son of Kate Hudson.
Of course, where there are no limits, there will be some fashion waves sooner or later. Now, nicknames are gaining ground, call attention to the new fashion of is a renamed internet site. They believe that the slogans of the coming year will include Happy, Noble, Loving, Golden, and, because of the popularity of the English Royal Wedding, Royal, but because direction is also confirmed by the stars. Adam Sandler called her Sunny, and Meg Ryan baptized her baby with the name True.

Cute little girls

"In Hungary, of course, the situation is a bit different, as we have a strange pattern, the enrollment has strengthened in recent years," says Judit Raabtz. - Valuing that babies want to express their affection and kindness with more and more popular names such as Lyssi, Tinka, Heni, Holli, Muni, Tandi, Zelka, Mirka, Titti, Lulu, Lilu, Ziza, , Strange. But one can also count on the fact that the double forms of female names are repeatedly repeated: Annadur, Annarous, Annamir, Emmarous. Of course, this also has a follower. Kasuba L. Szilard named the girl Sunflower, and Jamie Oliver gave each of her babies a fairytale name: Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Good guy

In the case of boys, however, the opposite is true. Even so, there is always a strong tradition and the need for the son to carry on his father's name. Thus Norbert Schobert became Norbika's first son, while following the patriotic line he became the second son-in-law, Zalán. This is a typical choice in Hungary if you have a child.
- In the case of nicknames, the old Hungarian names like Bolyk, Tegze, Devecser, Zsubor are becoming more common - as the expert points out - and the names of the Italian variants are more and more popular. Parents are not held back by Hungarian orthodoxy, so the number of children named Marcsellu, Robertu, Federkou, Leonbard, Eduardu, Rombrie is constantly increasing.
But if you want to be really trendy, check out what the foreign stars are saying, because they are the names of the maacs: Alicia named Silverstone Bear Blun, and Baby Became a Buddy Bear became Jamie Oliver its name is also. But Mike Myers' astounding choice, Spike, also confirms this direction.

How can you be unique now?

Bizarrely, if you want to give your child a name that does not come back every corner, you are best served by giving your grandmother or mom the name. After all, the overwhelming Marija, Elizabeth, and Catherine had almost completely disappeared from school. And in the case of boys, look at the name of the grandfather or great-grandfather. The names of Michael, John, and Andrew are extinct, though it is worth reviving them.