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Lifeguard chick for baby who can't suck

Lifeguard chick for baby who can't suck

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We all know how important and useful breast milk is for infants. But what about someone who can't breastfeed?

For newborns, infants do not have better nutritional supplements than breast milk. Not only is it rich in essential and essential nutrients, it also makes your immune systems much more resilient, and it is also responsible for preventing many diseases.However, a recommendation from the law that babies should be breastfed until the age of half. But what is the reason for this? In poorer regions, for example, there are more babies nyъlszбjjal they are born because of which they cannot breastfeed (in Hungary, the prevalence of this is 1-2 thousand). breast milk in the child's mouth. Of course, this solution is not ideal in many ways, even though it can still cause choking on the baby.Dr. Michael Cunnigham, a Seattle physician, told that it was horrible to see that some of the newborns died of not being able to feed him. Everyone knew that there had to be a tool to solve the problem simply, but they hadn't figured out what it was.


This is how a special chick was born, which is the dr. It is due to a non-profit organization, PATH, created by Cunnigham and other professionals. PATH is now working to bring this special tool to nearly $ 1 a piece in Africa for almost every token. With this in mind, the organization is researching the best way to make the most of the specialty cups, while keeping consumer costs low while maintaining high quality.