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I could only breastfeed

I could only breastfeed

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It may happen that success comes sooner, but it's worth the wait. One month after reading, our readers could only breastfeed.

Breastfeeding will work if you persevere and get help (Illustrated)

My baby was born in June 2011, Klбra. In the town hall sI had no milk. Before and after each meal, the baby had to be measured to see how much she had sucked. It was zero or barely measurable for me. So, after each breastfeeding, I took the baby to the ward to feed it. In spite of all this I breastfeeded for the first time every meal and then got formula. I did not give up breastfeeding, I tried. No frills, no worries, just no milk came in. At home, we experienced (Jin, Dad, two grandmothers) what it is like to care for a baby who swaps the daytime for the night. When he was up, he almost cried. It was two days early that I slept eight hours all day!Despite the fact that I was almost always tired, milk production started! Just nobody said we had to wait a month! The breastfeeding cookie was ready for the cake. We wrote down many places to not measure how much the baby ate each meal, but in my case it helped. I was very upset and suddenly my mother ate more and more breast milk. After two meals I left the formula. He did not cry, shouted after the diet, brought me properly. Gradually I quit the baby for about two to three weeks. The shepherd, even more disbelieving, asked if this kid was so full of breast milk. From two months of age, she received only breast milk until six months of age. By six months he had doubled the weight. He was one year apart. She decided she would have been breast milk, but she was not interested. My case proves that general rules - milk production starts in three or three days - they are not for everyone. My friends' councils and listening to what I read in Maternity Lore helped me a lot. Milk production really works on the demand-supply principle, and you have to try and spend more time than one or two days.Buy if there is no one to support in this request the mother will or will not breastfeed, then you will stop breastfeeding, and she will, indeed, run out of milk. I believe that even more babies in my environment could have had the most "complementary" breast milk if they had helped their mothers to breastfeed.
Hajni, an exhausted mother with her first child