Child psychotherapy in practice

Child psychotherapy in practice

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What are the Problems of Visiting Child Psychology? How Does Child Psychotherapy Work And What Can It Do?

Child psychotherapy works that wayThe idea of ​​returning a child to a physician for physical problems is always strong enough, but if the child has a psychological problem, it is considered by the parents, considered to be parental incompetence and does not go to a specialist in time. In many cases, however, it is not the child alone, but the whole family, who needs help: the smaller the child, the more characteristic is that the parents' anxieties are reflected in the child.
However, before asking a parent for help, he or she wonders how young he or she is if he or she is unable to help his or her child. However, the psychologist will neither come nor be pregnant, read the article on
A child's entire life may be affected by injuries that he has not been able to process or interpret. Such traumas can be, for example, punishment, painful life situations, and the death of a close relative. But we do not just have to think about traumatic life situations, you have congenital conditions that are very important to recognize that can hinder your child's development. It can be a warning sign if the child's development stops, his mood is extremely volatile, he endangers himself or others, or he does not overcome the challenges.
The purpose of the therapy is to reassure, support and inform the parent and help the child's life in a harmonious direction.
Psychotherapy with children is also special because children do not have mature rational meanings, and therefore cannot change their environment or their behavior or describe the problem. We could not say that they were being sinned, nor could we say that they were anxious. The tensions can be stressful for the child, so we work with them in the fantasy world. Conversation between currency and fantasy helps you express yourself in a playful way.
Parents are occasionally informed by the therapist about the direction in which they are advancing with the child, their opinions and advice. However, if there are negative dynamics in the family that affect the child badly, then family therapy is also needed: in this case, all members of the family can work together on the problem of trying to function well. Further articles on child psychotherapy:
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