These instruments are missing from the houses

These instruments are missing from the houses

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What instruments and equipment are most lacking in Hungarian child health? What are the often expensive tools that physicians and staff need to be more effective?

What instruments and equipment are most lacking in Hungarian child health? What Are The Commonly Filled Tools That Doctors, Nurses Need For More Effective Healing? Here is a list of the tools K&H supporter has been using the most over the past 11 years.
Since 2004, K&H has provided support for Hungarian child health. The Initiative National Grant identifies the medical devices most appropriate for childcare facilities and then selects the winners with the participation of a specialist jury. As a result, 152 cases received 464 million HUF worth of instruments and 150 rescue aids of 67 million HUF in the past 11 years.
"We receive an average of 100 applications per year for the K&H whistleblower application," said Horváth Magyary Nurra, Communications Director, K&H Group. "We can support 30% of these, with an average of 40 million forints a year, so that children can live full life again.
The most successful K&H healing hospital supplies received pulse oximeter for blood oxygen levels, an infusion pump for drug delivery and fluid refill, and an infant balance. The price of a pulse oximeter is about 50,000 forints, while an infusion pump can cost 400,000 forints and a baby's balance for 180,000 forints.
Supported rescue stations also received pulse oximeter levels most frequently, followed by a baby mattress for transporting children, and cuffs for adults. The cost of a cuff is 9,000 forints, but ambulances often suffer from a $ 1,000 accident.
According to a 2013 K&H survey, hospitals and rescue centers can spend an average of $ 483,000 a year on equipment acquisition, but one-third of them still have less than $ 100 each. For example, getting these two thousand to a few thousand forints can be a serious problem for them.
"We would like to continue to support the work of hospitals and ambulances in 2015. The 12th edition of the K&H application is open until May 29, with support, Magyary Nurra.
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