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A playbook for winter holidays

A playbook for winter holidays

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When the excitement of Christmas, the attendance, the great meals, and the offerings ring off, when everyone has played with his or her newest games and due to the weather, it is okay to leave for the outdoors.

They play games that move the kids well and bring down their energy to the most basic loops. And, of course, with games that don't cost a lot and the apartment stays with you.

What can I play inside?

Let's look at a bunch of these games now:
  • Lay two and a half to two feet apart and stretch out a sheet. The fixed volleyball ball that you need to play with balloons to save the home is ready. And if the kids have jumped out before they can, the baby house can work like a blanket.

A volleyball ball that has been sprayed

  • If you have given two narrow legs, make a pair of it and tie a string on the first leg of the first chair. Furl this ribbon further in the narrow beams to give it a pompous shape. The stroke should be a couple of centimeters from the ground, but if you want to weigh heavily on your games, you can raise the thread higher. The essence of the game is to tell one end of the trowel to the other so that you do not get stuck in the trowel, that is, you do not get anywhere near the string.

Stretched curb

  • Another version of this game is that you knit the bells and you have to go through the hut without dying. Of course, instead of the ribbon, you can use corpse rings, a folding tunnel, and a raised ribbon that you have to go through, but the goal is always the same: don't ring the bells.

Madagascar Barrier - Thanksgiving

  • Another version: Underneath, in the middle of the screen, there are small games that have to be collected. Even with a small backpack or a bouquet, you can go all the way to the end.

  • A simple balloon is a great way to flatten the boiling energy: fluff the balloon so that it cannot fall to the ground. Of course, this may seem easy, but if you can only say that the player is more handsome / half-legged / hell-bent, it is more difficult.

  • Two ping pong hats and a balloon: simple but great fun. If you are still on the blanket of the sheet, if not, you can simply peer into each other. Or declutter it: you can hit it multiple times without the balloon falling to the ground.

  • You fill a few plastic bottles with water (you can drop a few drops of water at home if you have them), set them up on one end of the room, and knock them off with a small rubber ball on the other. Classic bowling in home package.

Home bowling

Whatever you play, the children will have a true sense of the story (you must save the kidnapped treasure from the Evil Pooh!) If you laugh a lot (even if you handle the rules a little looser) your eyes shine on you too. Not only do you want to know them for half an hour, play them a little bit.
Believe me, from experience, if you also play with them enthusiastically in the beginning, you can slowly get out of the game after a while because they are "probably" there. In fact, they are going to shape the game more and more according to their own fantasy worlds, and will never take it for granted.
Have fun, recharge and have your energy drained!
The tips come from Erika Hanula.
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