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When is the mother's body ready for the next baby?

When is the mother's body ready for the next baby?

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Before you embark on a baby project, you should check to see if your body is ready to have another baby.

When is the mother's body ready for the next baby?

"It's important to make sure that you are either perfectly healthy or ready for the next pregnancy," he says. Anne Charlish knowledgeable in topics related to productivity and predictability. "It will also make your pregnancy lighter and healthier."

Allow yourself time to fully recover

According to research, the mothers body needs at least 18 months after birth to complete recovery. A study involving 173,205 babies revealed that infants born to siblings less than 6 months after birth were more likely to be premature and / or critically low. In contrast, babies conceived 18-23 months after the first pregnancy were in this category the least risky. "To get our bodies to their maximum during a new pregnancy, . "Even if you naturally give birth without complications, wait for a year before trying again. it takes a hundred times for the pelvic organs and muscles to regenerate to a large extent, just as it does for a complete wound to repair after a cesarean section. Be patient and give your body time!

Make sure your hormones have returned to normal circularity

Pregnancy hormones, estrogen and progesterone also need time to produce again in a balanced way. This is also important in terms of ovulation and conception. "Some menstruate a month or two after birth, others only months or even a year later," says Annie. It is not only important for the regeneration of the reproductive organs to seek recovery. "Pregnancy consumes the entire body. Each organ must function optimally to bring forth a healthy baby again." Pregnancy exhausts the nutrient stores of the mother, as the primary goal of the body is to provide the baby with all the vitamins and minerals she needs to grow. "Folic acid and calcium are critical in this regard, and even your body needs 50% more iron during pregnancy." If you want to get pregnant again, it is extremely important to rebuild your diet. Otherwise, your health will appeal to your hasty decision. At best, you will only be tired, and at worst, conception will be a problem. If you want to have a cow in the near future, eat healthy!

All right

Try to consume as many seasonal fruits and greens as possible and do not forget about the legumes and lean white. According to an American study, consuming more white vegetables (eg soybeans, peas, chickpeas) instead of lambs increases the chance of becoming pregnant. Complete all of this with a good quality pregnancy vitamin and your next baby will receive all of the essential nutrients needed in the first few weeks of your critical conception. The excess weight reduces the chance of fertility. "What's more, the incidence of complications during pregnancy is greater if you are overweight. Therefore, it is important that you avoid topping up again before you have another baby." . However, keep in mind that the photo in the magazine does a whole lot more work (as an assistant, a personal trainer, a technician, a photographer, etc.). You do not need to flash a flat belly one day, but at your own pace, it is inevitable that you will start working to regain your ideal weight.

Treat yourself

If you want to have a baby again, it is very important that you have any health problems as soon as you have them examined and treated! 94% of pregnant women enrolled in an Austrian study reported health problems such as backache, sexual problems, goldfish, pain in the gut or incontinence at 6-7 months postpartum. In first-born mothers, there is a tendency to think of them as their baby's births and to fall for them if they have a headache. However, all these things mean that your body is not fully regenerated, so it is important that you seek medical help. Remember, if you allow yourself time for complete regeneration, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually you will feel better during / after your next pregnancy. "If you are tired and exhausted, you are more likely to have post-pregnancy depression," says Anne. Therefore, accept our advice and wait until you have a fresh start to this wonderful, but very rewarding adventure!
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