Baby's Favorite App Launched To Play With Sudocrem® BabySafe

Baby's Favorite App Launched To Play With Sudocrem® BabySafe

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What could play a more central role in the lives of young children at the Eat? Maybe the players.

The baby's favorite appliqué has started

Sudocrem®, who have several decades of experience in baby care, has decided to combine these two very important activities so that moms and their babies can work together for a better win. The brand is paying attention to the advice, too Stiller Tamбs, your Sudocrem® chef gives you tips on cooking.You will be able to access the Facebook app from June where share recipes the baby's favorite chefs, moms and dads. Anyone who uploads a baby recipe on Sudocrem® in the first month of the summer and also makes a photo of the culinary master will automatically take part in the Babasef nyeremйnyjбtйkбban. Gastronomic miracles can be entered into the competition in the following categories, which are the main, the dessert, the cold and the allergic. "Sudocrem® has over 80 years of service to families for babies and their parents, like the Babasef app. With love on Sudocrem's Facebook page applikбciуt it's worth following not only because of the great winnings, but also great tips, expert tips, and of course, mouth-watering recipes. Just let the baby win a lot of rewards, "he said. Petra Hajdъ, product manager for Sudocrem®. The application of Sudocrem® Babasef comes from partners like Tamer Stiller, chef and Philips AVENT. Tamás Stiller, who is an avid daddy of continually paying attention to conscious and healthy eating in the family, shares his experiences so far with his parents on weekly diets, and on how to help babies eat recipe race all the way until June, you don't have to wait so much for winnings, as you get better and better rewards every week, guaranteed by Attatus Katus along with Sudocrem® partners. At the end of the prize draw, the most popular or selected chef recipe will be uploaded by you.You can see the detailed rules of the game here.
The first video by Tamer Stiller can be found here. The baby popsicle is known for its Sudocrem®, because of its versatility, it can be used by all members of the family. Sudocrem® protects and soothes reddened and dehydrated skin and supports the regenerative functions of the skin. For more than eighty years, Sudorem® is a mommy-friendly baby's sensitive skin. It is recommended that you apply it to a diaper area 3-5 times a day or as needed. Effective in other skin problems including skin care, including cracked and irritated skin. Suitable for all skin types, all ages. Sudocrem® is a cosmetic product.