"But why?"

"But why?"

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I'm trying to tell my two and a half year old smart baby, "says a mom," but in the midst of it I've always lost my patience. Because Enik is constantly sneaking into the story…

"But why?"

Either she likes a rhythm and repeats uninterrupted (iciri-piciri, iciri-piciri), or asks: but why, Mom? Why can? It's simply incapable of reading a story to him. It happened to me that I was bored and quit, "well, if you don't want to continue, I won't read any more!" Of course, the result of being "disciplined" was an outrageous brawl. And I haven't slept in remorse all night. The mom probably doesn't have a problem. The "why" era makes the story difficult - but not in vain. At this age, not only is the evening "ruta" a pre-bedtime narrative, in that case the child is also interested in real information. Let's get on with it - don't stick to the story everywhere! If we stumble upon your inquiries, you will be naturally curious and talkative. In the future, it doesn't matter if you say a fairy tale, a turn or a phrase. These questions come to light: what you are afraid of, what distresses you, what excites you, what thoughts are engaging.Many mothers are afraid that once the story is over, it is impossible to stop talking. It is impossible to really talk if it is in our minds that the kitchen is clean, we should iron it and we can continue, as all mothers know. It is also true that in the evening, the mother gets tired, as many times the child seems to really wake up. This, too, is a natural state, since in this two-three-year-old she sees the family together, these are the "holiday-men" for her. It can be a solution if we bring an urn into the child's room. We show him that the big figure is going to go when he needs to sleep. So, conversations can be over, and we don't have to worry about the child's time being used for evening tales or conversations.For two-three year olds, the best story for a mom or dad is, and of which the child is the protagonist. If the parent begins to experience these kinds of stories, the adult will not be disturbed by the child's request, but rather help him or her to convey the tale.
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