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Let's learn to lose weight! 6th tomorrow

Let's learn to lose weight! 6th tomorrow

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Merci's Diary, Month 6 - I see I'm not going to be a ballerina. Year-end holidays are a series of serious prebates for anyone who wants to lose weight. In Merci spirit and knowledge he stood ready for my great family dynasty.

Minus 10 kilos
I'm starting to move more and more confidently in my conscious life. I decided not to lose any of my previous strength, but I am convinced that I will succeed as well. Weight loss has stopped, almost completely, and though I read the angelic cookbook I received shortly, I never feel as light as before.
December 1st
I came home today from a science conference in London. In short, my brother also missed it, since none of us had ever been to Britain, and thanks to the low-end stakes of the year, we were able to redeem it. Two of the three days we spent in the lectures, but the third one was scheduled for city screening. Even at home, I designed the "London Compact" in great detail, which, although it was like a rush, but hopefully we could be the smallest part of this wonderful city. Although my museum visits to my bar did not add much to my regret, I personally met the King, who was smiling and waving to the staring crowd of elegant Bentley.
But why am I writing this down? For those who are not accustomed to regular walking and trekking, it is no small feat for walking a forceful walk, all in poorly chosen shoes, of course. At three o'clock in the afternoon, I was thinking of taking a stand at the Victoria Station lobby, asking for asylum, and working at one of the information boards at the South Terminal, which I did next to. I was proud of myself, I'd kindly have written on my forehead that "he is walking now, I'm tired, but I feel good"!
December 2
After the morning's uprising, my smiling mother asked me what to ask for breakfast, not the manager of the pansies. In the past few days, I immediately called this request "good breakfast", which the English, with some national consciousness, refers to bacon eggs.
I've sinned. It is true that most of the day did not have much time for a real meal.
On my first morning at home, thinking about the events of the past days, I decided to abstain from self-indulgence and to indulge in an orange with my essential milkcake…
Earlier this day, we talked about a "working day" with the editors of Maternity, whom I call "Blacks": бva Blits, Йva Hajnal, Йva Rбtkai. For the meeting, I suggested a cozy, small, downtown vegetarian restaurant where I had only gone once. Of course I was sure nothing would be true then, but as I have so many times in the past few months, I am pleasantly disappointed today. The cake was pleasant and livable, with the freshly squeezed fruit juice almost heavenly for lunch.
We discussed the events so far, my mood and my experiences, and finally lost new energy.
December 13
I miss her angelica. Three months later, while I was eating, I didn't think I was going to stop it, but now I confidently admit it is. It lacks variety, security, and last but not least, its convenience. It's easy to lose weight by getting your daily portion of your blessing and eating it all, without having to think about what and when to cook, how much to eat, what to do.
Of course, I know that a dear Reader - like anyone who's been in a similar situation - is just as committed to a diet and that I really need to prove that I am capable of pursuing a previously stated, ambitious goal.
December 18
Christmas is coming. Dilemma dilemma: what to cook for the holidays. The family is big, and there are many turns to visit, and not everyone comes to us this time. Unfortunately, both my parents (my dad, which I'm very proud of) and my mother's mother are great, and the delicate teeth are almost impossible to resist. Beginning on the 24th and only ending on New Year's Day, the Lucullus banquet can be measured in kilos every year…
Today was the Christmas holiday at my workplace, where colleagues in childhood, childhood, sickness, and rest are always official. There were plenty of delicacies on the tables and the scent of the scorching scent. It was difficult to refuse a nice bribe…
December 21st
By now, I have been largely outlined in my "traditional" holiday cabbage reformed cabbage, which I made myself based on the ideas I learned in college and in my angels.
So Vecssi sour cabbage on the market, a few beautiful letters. Then look for lean smoked ham, lean that would just baby. At a reform shop, in a hypermarket, buy a barn roll (or gersli).
For a Roman meal - which you had soaked in before - featuring smoked ham cut into hair, you'll cut down the rest. Cook the cheesecake, chill it, mix it with the minced ham and some of the usual spices. Fill the letters with the fillers, patch the smoked flesh, then the stuffed letter, and then the cabbage again. At the end, pour some water and throw it in the oven. Yeah, well, yeah, and end up with yogurt!
December 22
Today I still ran to Laci for a little exercise. The gym had a pre-holiday atmosphere, with only a few people fluttering. Laci is making a run for Ironman. I've been tired of reading the parables since. I won't be an iron man. Maybe it's okay…
I just want to be trained and fit, healthy and kind. I have no illusions, I won't be a ballerina anymore, and not just because I grew out of age.
My current goal is to celebrate the holidays without weight gain, so that my many days spent at home will not diminish my fitness, and that the New Year will truly bring new life!
How did I manage to avoid spreading festive tables? Well, I'll tell you the closest thing!
The friend
I'm just Merci!
In short: Whatever you do, whatever it is, rolls over, radiates, energy bombs. We have known more than ten years ago, our true friendship is little more than one year old.
Read more: Getting to know each other is a chance encounter, we ran with her parents. Until then I thought I was the big fool, so suddenly I had to realize that I would not. I still admired the radiant energy it contained.
Then a dozen years passed, for me in motor, for her dance competitions.
In 2003, after the birth of my younger son, I read the forums, rushed to and fro, and struck a well-rounded company. We talked for long weeks when Merci started to know each other. At that moment, the image of a young woman popped up ten years ago. Nothing changed, just as stunning, radiant woman.
Then when we met in person - because this team meets regularly - I felt like we were very good friends. Merci is one of the few who, if I were called at three o'clock in the morning to come to me immediately, would not ask me why but where.
Early in the summer, Summer just dropped a sentence on the forum saying she was ready for something, but she would only say it in August. By August, curiosity had pierced everyone, but he could still keep it a secret.
I have a lot of respect for determination, perseverance, even though I know and see that it is not easy. What Merci was about to do was not a hell-bent. One because he made the decision to radically change his life and the other because he does so before the world. No excuses, you have to do it.
In my life, losing weight is always on the agenda. In critical situations, there is always a float in front of me that Merci does, Merci persists, no matter how slow the results come. If I get stuck, I sigh: I'm Merci!
So I think we are all very important to each other in our forum, and it is good to have such a cool company - my second lover - to have a motor racing pair and two butterflies.
Bonbon, that is, Ndor Бgnes