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Let's learn to lose weight! The 12th day

Let's learn to lose weight! The 12th day

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Merci's Diary Monthly 12 - End of series, story continues. A year passed. It was as if I wrote about us first yesterday. I would like to sum up your stories now, but it is not easy, because a diary never ends, as long as you have something to say.

Minus 20 kilos
The past year has happened to me good and bad, as I - I assume - with all you Readers. There is nothing different about it, we live the wonderful life of a baby, every one of us. My world has turned its corners. I met and discovered myself, consciously and with great determination, shaped my life with the help of people who truly appreciate it. I didn't just want to lose weight, but to gain a new quality, better and more meaningful life, endurance, strength and energy. The lack of these qualities is truly worth it only to those who have already struggled with serious excess weight in their lives.
My dream was not fulfilled. I could look for excuses, blame others, and of course myself, but I won't. I'm happy. I caught seven kilos, met smart, kind and helpful people, once a month I enjoyed life under the hands of a professional makeup artist, and smiled at the camera in fairy tale clothes.
Nobody thinks it's just gas. Not that. This is the present, this is the future. I have become a well-rounded multifunctional woman, a mother, a surgeon, and a physician, balancing on the birth and first-year patents.
No one misunderstood, I was not disgruntled with my fate, I just quietly fell in love with my motherly role and had less time for my woman. This is what the Year of the Born was about: getting back to myself and creating the golden mean between my roles. However, this required my energy and fitness as well as quality nutrition and muscles. I think it worked. Of course, in the mind of a person whose whole life is born from a diet, and - let me add - in the future, it will not be easy to quit good practice to make a real difference.
But my life has become quite different, not only for myself but for my family, I have been paying more attention to the reforms I have learned.
Although the article series does, the change has no end, rather it is really starting now! Kicks out of "maternity", a little girl going to the wilderness of Austra, who just filled in the second year. Now my stomach is turning into a stomach when I think of what is to come. I am fully returning to patient care, the University of Medicine Department, the research lab, and of course continuing the school I started after Nanda's birth. I may be overdoing it, but I feel like they are burdensome for one another. I need to be able to have a clean, clean head, free reserves.
In the last year I have learned, I have known my potential. Today, I know that gymnastics are not fancy, but they are cool, not only rabbits eat green, but regular eating is more useful than regular non-eating.
I have learned that I am healthy, except for my significant weight surpluses, which I still have to overcome. I experienced the limitations of physical strength, with great help from the weekly system of exercise. I can make reform meals, and last but not least.
The nice future comes with hope, I will work, teach, study. But more importantly, I can run, live in the sandpit of the playground, toss the baby print, and catch it. If you fall asleep in the car, I can take you up to the apartment without air in our house without a lift.
Success is still incomplete, but it will definitely continue. I don't feel overwhelmed because there's always someone around. Thanks to them.
Thanks to my daughter for being a pregnant mother and always having to fight. To my family, who believed in me during difficult times. I thank the friends and the contributors to the Internet forums for their encouragement. To many harsh commenters, they have given strength to the "just show it" sign. Bill is saved because he guessed it, dawn is saved because he has it. Rabtai says that I will be able to show twelve (and still nasty!) Beautiful images to my grandchildren in twenty years. And Little Laci, who without us today wouldn't be who he is. To the Coach, in huge capital letters.
Life is beautiful! Do you believe I'm happy?
It would be a denial that we have talked a lot about Mercir here in the editorial office. We wondered why the sprats were so attached to them, and why they weren't getting better. Everybody had an opinion, an idea, losing weight makes everyone a bit of a specialist - if you are mad.
Now is the time, for the final time, to say what we think of Mercir. What will we see if we meet again in the next year?
The harder it became to lose weight, the more discouraged it became. It has the property of being able to learn from error. For example, he also concluded that eating regular meals a day, of course, not in large quantities, just a couple of calorie-free meals is more beneficial than fasting. I sincerely believe that this will have an effect.
Dawn Йva editor
Merci is very photogenic, and very patient, helpful. We made the spring picture in Dunan, minus 8 degrees, but he still smiled. She dressed like a star model, laughing when she needed to. And not only in the pictures is color uniformity. Have to lose weight too!
Rátkai Йva is a picture editor
With inflamed movements and painful muscle spasms, he didn't stop the trainers, though there was a reason for his release. He decided not to disturb the scab bombs in the fitness room and did so. He says he loved the movement, and I think that's it. I hope we meet at MOM Wellness as regularly as we have.
Little Laszlo personal trainer
For the half time I have done my makeup once in a while, it's not enough to get to know it more. But I saw, and to this I have the feeling that Merci is a nigger. He always enjoyed the beautiful intervention and was happy with the result. Anyone who enjoys such a beautiful outdoors is sure to stay cool.
Makeup by Békefi Zsуka
Mercin had no trouble choosing clothes, changing clothes, because everything was good for her. You have no ideas, let me throw in the colors, the patterns. He would have liked to have bought everything I just took for photography, but then he said to himself, he would shoot me anyway next month, he said. So be it!
Kirably Gabi divattanбcsadou